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  1. The difference being Milner was 2 time champion with City.
  2. That was a great game to watch there last night. Lallanas sitter near the end........you would have put your house on that. Thought Emre stepped up there aswell, played a very good game and imo was our MOM.
  3. That second goal was brilliant. Mane, a well deserved man of the match.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-38933817
  5. I'd say Firmino looks the most jaded at the moment. Like you say Stevie, the squad just isn't up to it. Hopefully Klopp has got to grips with the demands of the premiership and gets the right players in for next season. I think we'll manage a top 4 spot this season but it isn't gonna be easy.
  6. How awful have we been of late. I'm with you Bob, one game per week should help our cause in finishing top 4. The team looked like they've ran out of gas. Another thing helping us will be all the other teams around us competing in Europe. I think its safe to say Chelsea have it in the bag now.
  7. 12 games unbeaten now. 2 in 2 for Emre.......The front 3 or 4 must be a nightmare to mark.
  8. Happy fuckin days. Whopee, another intl break.
  9. Think it was done in the spurs game. Poor sod.
  10. The Rodgers "nearly" season was real nail biting stuff wasn't it. I feel slightly calmer watching our current Klopp side.
  11. We'll be awarded a point for playing the most attractive football in the UK. Get with the program Bo.
  12. Given the opponents we've played in our first 10 games Bob, I don't think its such a big deal. I'm not saying we're great in defense, far from it. Arsenal, Burnley and Palace have managed more than 1 goal past us, all away from home.
  13. You can't beat a bit of Euro now an again.
  14. Hi Arjen, Ricted Kennels may allow you to use their facility. 294/10 R.K. Office Park Rom Klao Road, Khlong Sam Prawet, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand. Tel: +66 9 7007 7788
  15. It's quiet on here........where's all the non Liverpool fans?