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  1. Whatever happened to sutheps monk mate who had armed security guards in front of his protesters. He must still have munitions. Oops, anti Thaksin. He must be ok.
  2. Here's our video. 3 bed, 2 bath, and twice the cost. I still have things I want to add, but quite happy with the place. Not rich by any means, as I just built from payday to payday. This is also in Sisaket, but south, near the border.
  3. The thai buddhists in the south can't be happy. How can you be, when your friends and family are randomly murdered by the followers of this evil cult. It appears that mainly the people who try to help them are killed. Nurses, teachers, police etc. Myanmar buddhist know how to deal with them.
  4. This cost 1500 baht per Linear metre. Including labour and materials. Except paint. Paint inside and out, 6000 plus 3000 labour. 2 20l sealer. 2 20l white. 1 20 litre green. Only 80 m done so far. At the rear, we need a retaining wall.
  5. I did mine 10 days ago. Same deal. Very easy. Shop across the road will check you have the right papers, even fill out and print the application form. Cost only 80 baht for peace of mind. Drop in there, and then stroll across the road knowing that all is well. Pick up passport with visa next day. 5000 tb for the visa pay to consulate. I went first bus over the bridge in the morning, finished by 9.30 odd.
  6. Or be beheaded by an ideaology you blindly support.
  7. Fantastic. Trump will make history as the strongest president ever. The only one to stand up to the evil of islam. The gays blindly support those who intend to throw them off a building. A bloody good man. What the U S needs.
  8. Worried about someone stealing your bed?
  9. If there is no paperwork, then it is probably Sor por kor. Hope that's the right name. In which case it was granted to farmers, and is not legally allowed to be sold. A lot of houses where we are are sold like that, land as well, and only the westerners are bothered by it. So, you may not be able to claim half if you divorce, because legally, neither of you can own it. One good thing, is that she probably can't morgage it to gamble, or buy stuff for family. This is my understanding of the situation anyway.
  10. My small dog was sick for a day and a half, listless, not eating etc. Next morning dead. I assumed snake bite. Did yours go that quick?
  11. There is a shop directly across the road from the Thai Consulate that will do all photocopies, fill in and print out the application form for you. It cost me 80 baht. This shop used to be beside the consulate.
  12. I find it hilarious that gay supporters and womens groups back islam against Trump. islam hates gays and mutilates womens genitals. You are protected by Trump and Putin. You just dont know it. Stupid stupid people try yourluck in iran or syria.
  13. Also curious, on crossing through Laos to Vietnam with a Thai rego bike. Cheers. Just for a week tour.
  14. I do hope the monks dont read these reports, and possibly relocate said evidence.
  15. I got a taxi a few days ago to Utapao from Pattaya center, 800 baht from a taxi stand for 6am. I don't know about the other way. Mini bus sounds good.