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  1. " The ministry needs to get the word out to foreigners interested in sports and they will come flocking, she said. " Of course they will!
  2. The fragile ego of the Thai male rears it's ugly head once again, A sad end to a young life.
  3. All the dead excluding the truck driver were in a mini bus, which is not shown here, just the Jazz with minimal damage.
  4. ........and this went viral?
  5. I was quoted 40,000 baht by Chiangmai RAM a couple of years ago. I have since had one done in Australia with a cost of A$4,000 by probably the best cataract clinic in Australia. In at 09.30 and out at 11.30. I could have waited for the public sector and got it done for free, but I was loosing my vision. Brilliant result and everything as clear as a bell
  6. Sadly you cannot see the safety catch as it is on the other side of the receiver to the forward bolt assist
  7. Maybe a round is still in there, but there is no mag in the mag well, so unlikely, but there again TIT
  8. From looking at the massive front end damage, (link in OP) it looks like the driver ran off the road and impacted a tree or such, hence ending up in the gully between the two carriage ways.
  9. As stated by DGS1244 after 3 months you have to apply for a Thai licence. If you have a current US licence, the process is painless, and if you are planning on staying here any longer, this is something you need to address. You can get both car and bike licences on production of your US licence along with the usual passport and immigration letter of residence.
  10. You might well have traveled the world, but that does not make you very worldly, judging by you post
  11. Many thanks, will give them a try
  12. Does anyone have any contacts or know of a reputable debt collection agency? Any info would be a great help..Thanks
  13. She might be classed as a "pretty" but looking at the video (all for show) I noticed that she has awfully ugly feet