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  1. Maybe the old housekeeper will appear in the hearing on 27th instead as in a early stage it was claimed that she was the one who took the Ferrari out for a spin heading to the market that particular day...;)
  2. I assume one have sinking fund and the other have floating interests - a small but significant difference....;)
  3. ...18.000 baht so I can protect you more...;) With ref to the chapter about "Firearms"
  4. The name is not correct either so no surprice that the numbers doesnt fit. Guess the correct numbers should have been 4100thb and 60 yrs...;)
  5. If things are mentioned or said many times unfortunately it often ends as the reality and the thrut even it isn`t and never was... Here is what actually has been said in this matter and the processing history; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In October 2010, the Thai parliament approved initial proposals for a high speed rail (HSR) network. Five lines capable of handling 250 km/h speeds would radiate from Bangkok. In March 2013, the transport minister revealed that only one company would be selected to run all high-speed train routes, scheduled to be operational between 2018 and 2019 READ MORE;
  6. Agree, and her face might not be the only thing she has lost in life...;)
  7. All "have to" doesnt neccessary mean all "have"...;)
  8. In a Perfect world it would be fair enough as long as the real price for actual damage is presented for the renter. Unfortunately this is not gonna happen as we know that even simple surface schratches has been priced up to 50% of the value of a New jetski - I would Guess for those few who really are insured it will just be an additional Source to scam...;)
  9. With other Words, those who can afford it should drink beer as water all day, every day and order a empty water truck, fill it With beer and then fill up the watertanks, the pond and the pool - the rest who cant - Cambodia here we come...;)
  10. Maybe it will be a "Happy Ending" after all...;)
  11. ..and 9 guns which 2 seems to be missing already...
  12. Jetski Scams seems to be a part of the Police force negotiations training...;)
  13. Unfortunately in that sence Pattaya is not any different to ROW - it may just be little more transparent...;)