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  1. 'I have sympathy for immigration because of their lack of understanding and compassion'
  2. You could try changing the drive letter in Disk Management (right-click on the start button and then Disk Management) to something that hasn't been used before. When Disk Management opens, right-click on the drive you want to change and click on 'Change drive letter and path' and follow the instructions. Once changed, shutdown your computer and restart. Note: this isn't a given, but it has worked for me in the past with externals.
  3. That may be very true, but how does that relate to the original post of "Like father, like son"?
  4. What did the father do? Was he also involved in a murder?
  5. Funny enough, I reckon his friends will only actually use those numbers once and it will be saved in their contacts. How many people actually dial numbers now-a-days for people that you know? It is a mobile number and not a landline. All his dialed calls will be from strangers, hope they will be in awe.....................
  6. Her smile may not be strained but her hands are on a white knuckle ride........................
  7. I remember being told (quite a few years ago) about two particular bars in Pattaya that had their aircons modified to atomize a cocktail that would entice customers to stay/come back the next day. Not sure how much truth is behind that, it never seemed to break through my alcohol induced states at the time.................... They were popular bars just the same though and I have often thought that it is quite doable.
  8. It's in cases like this where I would hope that the company employing the security guard would have his back. Regardless of what the judicial sentencing is, they should be pushing for full compensation for this guy, from all 3 of these thugs. Especially the smiling monkey who was the one that inflicted most damage while the guard was on the floor unconscious.
  9. Whereas in principle I would agree with you, but if armed, would it be responsible for the security guard to draw his weapon because someone was revving an engine? If the weapon wasn't drawn before the attack started, it really isn't an easy thing to do, no matter what you think. Also a big possibility of the weapon being taken off him and used against him judging by the type of attack that was inflicted on him. As for him being a trained professional, that would be extremely unlikely (to the level of firearm proficient) that the residents would pay for the service and that his wages would match his accreditation. I do fully agree that the attackers, especially the one doing the majority of the kicking and stamping, should be taken to the nearest tree................
  10. Sad to say, if anyone asked immigration and they couldn't find him through their tracking system, now that he is found he may well be looking at a fine to go with the mandatory bolloxing from the mother...........
  11. I didn't realize that burnt through power cables when diluted....................
  12. I have a mate in the marines that plays a clarinet. Even though he also smokes, it is highly unlikely it was him that you assaulted. Unless you have someone beside your hospital bed typing for you of course........................... Oh, that's the Royal Marines and not the US Marine Corp, not that it should make much difference.
  13. Use the media creator that you have just downloaded, I forgot to say that the upgrade would be by this method. As to which version depends on the version of W8.1 you have installed. If it is Pro, then you will be upgraded to W10 Pro. EDIT: If you are doing a new install of the downloaded expanded ISO, I think it will still ask you for the 25 digit key as it will have nothing to reference, ie, your current W8.1 key. If you are planning to put an image of your current installation on the new hard drive and then upgrade, I would suggest upgrading through the media creation tool at that time as it will give you the latest update of W10. (The ISO is handy to keep anyway, but like I said before, pretty sure it will ask for a key if used for a clean install)
  14. If the only reason you are going to reinstall windows 10 is because you are changing a hard drive, how about doing this. Obviously make a full backup before starting.............. Upgrade to windows 10 again ( ) on your current hard drive (assuming it is still usable) using this option, and then clone the old hard drive across to the new one and change out? This is legit from Microsoft and there is no enforcing which accessibility software you use. As long as your current activation for W8.1 is valid, this will work. If you have problems with the current install, no sense in trying this as it will catch up with you later as whatever bugs you now have will be transferred through the cloning.
  15. That's a lot of drugs for one operation, well done to the police for that.......................... Seems that over the last few months they have been getting their act together, long may it continue.