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  1. Thai Soap or Similar with subtitles? on can anyone recommend something on youtube with english subtitles, or similar doesn't have to be soaps
  2. Read Dyanetics, Tom Cruise was cloned at birth .....
  3. no never said it did, but what is your suggestion or do you have one? use vpn for financial /bank login sessions?
  4. though, I always do use this : though, I think certificate system remains fairly broken, not sure on the latest , re: which browsers allows which root certificates, etc
  5. but afaik it's what there is ; unless you know something else ? ; i don't actually ever used it, myself, just a reference fwiw
  7. so pib, tallguy, etc. as a run for online banking, investment, most security needed logins, do you use the VPN on or off . seems to me a guess, as to do you trust your local ISP more than whatever VPN provider you've chosen. I'm not sure how trustworth Thai ISPs are vs. USA ones? of course if your using wifi the equation might change a little , i prefer VPN while on any wifi, however 100% if not my router ......
  8. I believe, a fairly common scenario, with lose of large amount of fluids is an electolyte imbalance, e.g your potassium K+, which can lead to arrythmia , which can lead to cardiac arrest. septicemia is not uncommon, but less dangerous when caught early , this causes hypotension and 50% of the elderly may not survive it. did you get defibrilatted ( shock paddles ) ? ; I am not aware that CPR is great for un fibrillating someone, though, I'm sure it happens .... Can't you just eat Western Food, and Sterilzed Water or something , maybe buy yourself an autoclave ? Or move to a new location, somewhere else in Thailand ?
  9. I guess it's called Kodi now, not XBMC, FWIW :) TallGuy: does the Playstation Vue service include any kind of HD storage and playback, I find live TV all but unwatchable nowadays, and hence, would only watch PBS broadcasts, historically ......
  10. Chump is just a no-nothing, best to ignore him, until the fool is removed from office for President Pence, he is running things already, him and Bannon, who is the hater-in-chiefs tweeter, like did you notice during the LIVE debate with Clinton, the tweets were ongoing. <deleted> chump is 70 years old and is widely known, he has never sent an email, he would dictate them to someone, with a pea for a brain ..... meanwhile, the country and therefore the world, are in mortal peril , I wish I was wrong , the white people were so desparate, the run the car off the cliff, rather than continue to die slowly from the decades long corporate takeover. ok off my soapbox
  11. ya, I meant besides the investing, working part, is why I underlined it
  12. so must one be Married to a Thai to get PR , for the final qualification? sorry, I'm sure I could do a TV search, but seems topical : You must be able to meet one of these categories to apply for PR status in Thailand: Investment category (minimum 3 – 10 Mil. Baht investment in Thailand) Working/ Business category Support a family or Humanity Reasons category: In this category, you must have a relationship with a Thai citizen or an alien who already posses a residence permit as a husband or wife; father or mother; or a guardian of a Thai child under 20 years of age. Expert / academic category Other categories as determined by Thai Immigration
  13. did the "involvment" go sour, I'd think that "involvment" should have had the opposite effect,(* addendum, i didn't read the whole thread, in case you addressed this already ) I ask because I am anticipating possbily the 'same boat' with the incoming scorched earth no-nothings in charge, aka losing my ACA coverage, or having it be catastrophic and expensive only, though, i'd have a long decade to get closer to medicare age as well , it might buy some time, and money (assming MC isn't also gutted or voucher'd , as education looks like it is also heading, pardon the tangent) . have a 2nd on your list spot/country ?
  14. well at least Thailand won't be joining the TPP, it seems, with US drug companies, then see what happens to medication prices
  15. keep in mind that 80% of back pain will go away with time, and not to do anything to create a bigger problem. like IMHO manipulation/chiropracters :) prone propping on elbows might be a blanket trial, if symptoms don't increase, try it 15 minutes 2-4 times/day