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  1. Here's an explanation:https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=th&u=http://www.airpumpmart.com/15282631/mitsubishi-wpipepcp-series-&prev=search I've lived here 19 years, have two houses with pumps and have always used the WP series so I have no knowledge of the others. The WP series has a large accumulator tank but there is no internal bladder. I have had good luck with all of them except ants in the pressure switch - not the pumps fault. One negative is the quality of the welding on the tanks. I have had three tank failures where the doubler plates are welded on at the tank output ports. They started out as pin hole leaks but got bigger and I either replaced the tank or "fixed" it by welding on a plate on the outside. Other than that, they have been good pumps.
  2. Really! Sounds like a well thought out plan, by everything in wife's name and let the farang pay!
  3. I looked at them in Tesco and finally decided on this one from Lazada http://www.lazada.co.th/mitsuta-30-50-mec95-gray-229246.html It's actually supplied directly from Mitsuta Electric in Bangkok. I chose it because of the size of the water tank, 32 liters. It has good airflow, a timer and a cutoff when the tank goes dry. I only have had it since Tuesday but have experimented with it over the past 4 days and so far I am happy with the unit. It cost 4980 baht and thought that it was a better deal than a comparable priced Hitari unit that had in Tesco that only had a 20 liter tank. Mitsuta also have larger units but more than I wanted. Last night I set the timer for 6 hours and it used about 16 liters of water.
  4. Six CCGOFs sitting around a table and agreeing on anything is definitely a rare occasion unless the beer is cold and has been running freely for some time. I disagree that they are "Crap"! If they were crap when you turned the on the air would have a distinctive smell. They work as they were designed to work but don't work well in climates with high humidity.. I bought one mainly just to see. As far as cooling a room like an air conditioner, there's no hope. Mainly due to the fact that they only work in low humidity environments but also by the design of the units that they sell here. Unlike an air conditioner which recycles the air in the room and cools it in the process, the coolers must "replace" the air in the room bringing in outside air, cooling it by the evaporative process, and replacing the air in the room. Their inputs should be placed against and open window so that they draw air from the outside and prevent them from drawing in the room air. The design of the units that I've seen here, including the one that I bought, have intakes on the back and both sides preventing this so the design is flawed. Having said that, I have found that they do have a useful function. When you use just a fan and it's 35.5 degrees in the house you get blasted in the face with 35.5 degree air. With the cooler that I bought, The room was 35.5 degrees and the temperature of the air out the front was 28.3 degrees, so you at least get a cool breeze which makes it more comfortable.and only uses 130 watts to do it.
  5. I buy Thai Yazaki cable online from SK Universal and have it shipped via Thai Post My contact is Bell : <Yup you were right Wayne, email removed>
  6. First of all there is no such thing as a retirement visa. If you follow thew O-A process it can only be done in your home country and will require a police check and medical certificate. But you can convert your tourist visa to a Non-immigrant "O" visa in Thailand. This is the first step to applying for a 1 year extension of stay based on retirement. You don't say where you are but only a few offices will do the conversion and you might have to make two trips to Bangkok to do it. I think the cost of the conversion to non "O" is 2000 baht and the extension is 1900 baht. When you do the conversion you will have to have the 800000 baht in a Thai bank in your name only, but it doesn't have to be seasoned. You will get 90 days permission to stay and during the last 30-45 days of that permission to stay you apply for the 1 year retirement extension, The 800000 baht will have to be in your account for 2 months at that time (3 months for follow-on extensions). You do not have to leave the country to do this and after you get the extension you will only have to report your address every 90 days, not leave the country.
  7. Where's customs going to park them when they are imported from Malaysia with all of the documents that confirm that they were built there, not China?
  8. Can you imagine what it would be like if all of a sudden Thailand converted to self service gas stations, total chaos!
  9. There will soon be submarines patrolling the river and the khlongs throughout the city. Up periscope and load the torpedo tubes!
  10. I ordered some spices and curing salts from the US. Although I specified USPS International they sent it DHL. It ended up in Germany! They found it and on forwarded it to Thailand. After contacting them many times it showed up 27 days after their website said that it arrived in Thailand. It was actually delivered by the motorcycle noodle vendor that comes to our village, 240 kilometers from Bangkok in the "boonies". The motorcycle did not have a DHL sticker on it. As it turned out the vendor's husband worked for some fly by night delivery service that was contracted by DHL to deliver the package. Bbut since it only had a rural postal route in the address he didn't have a clue and left it at his house! and his wife saw the name in English and she took it to the only "baan farang" that she knew. They are totally useless as are Fed Ex and the world delivery service that ebay sellers sometimes use that charge unbelievable shipping charges in addition to unnecessary prepared customs charges. If I order anything from ebay USA it's USPS or nothing and from the UK it's Royal Mail or nothing with no prepaid customs charges.
  11. I could see one other definite advantage. When you wanted to work on the mains input to your house you could just go pull the fuse to disconnect from the PEA supply. Otherwise you have to call them and have them come out - NOT! Or you have to disconnect the wires at the meter which are covered by a plate with a twisted metal seal. You would have to carefully remove the seal and disconnect the lines and after you were finished carefully put the seal back on making it look like it was never been removed! Would/have I done that? Yep, I have. When I built my house I had to set a pole and the power only ran to the house. Over the years and many additions that pole now has 5 radials running from it to different locations and CUs in three buildings. I never thought of putting a fuse or switch box on the pole as the additions came over time and it only takes a couple of minutes to unhook the power at the meter, but it would have been a positive addition in the beginning if I had thought of it.
  12. Any link to the above document in English? A while ago I sent an email to PEA asking them and , guess what, No answer!
  13. Many extension cords sold have three prong receptacles in the strip, but if you look at the plug there are only 2 pins on it. They are no more than an adapter to plug in a three prong plug into a two prong receptacle. If you want a quality extension make it yourself with the correct size wire and fixtures or extend you house wiring and install a new electric box. I have done both and have many boxes installed that were not on my original plan and even have two 20 meter extensions with 32 amp "commando" style fixtures and 3 core 10MM2 VCT wire for my welding machines and adapters so that they can be used with other equipment with "normal" plugs. If I buy new equipment and the cords are short I just replace them with new one of suitable length. For some reason my new shop Vac came with a 2 meter cord, it now has a 15 meter one and can be plugged in and used throughout the entire house.
  14. The shipping charges for the last full 40' container that I shipped from Charleston, Illinois, In the US,to Bangkok were $2250 USD and the container weighed over 10000 kilograms. That included truck to St. Louis, rail to Los Angles and ship to Bangkok. The rental on the container was $1600, 3 days to load and 3 days to unload. Consolidations are more expensive but nowhere near what you would pay a courier service.
  15. The 295 page HS tariff code book, attached, makes no distinction between used, rebuilt and new goods, it only calls out the % duty that is applied for the item , so you will pay the same % no matter what condition the items are in. The controlling factor on the amount of duty is the declared amount on the export documentation, MBL and HBL, and the shipping and insurance charges: CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight)port of entry in Thailand. In addition you will pay 7% VAT on the CIF + the customs charges. I import farm equipment and parts from mainly the US but also from China and Japan. For smaller shipments I normally use USPS international and China Post. For larger shipments, sometimes full 40 ft containers, I use an international Logistics company, Senator International Logistics, to either arrange air or sea freight and they handle everything at both ends from dropping and pulling the container at the load site to delivery at my place upcountry. Everything is pre-cleared so it only takes a couple of days to for final clearance and delivery. The full containers being faster since they do not have to undo a consolidation. I always know up front exactly what the duty and VAT are going to be and the shipments move through the port quickly. If it's not properly coordinated upfront the storage and container rental charges can mount up fast. Commo9nly know as +++++! I never use a courier service such as DHL or Fed Ex. They are expensive and have no network internal to Thailand like they do in other countries. HS Code Book Thailand.pdf