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  1. Sounds good for big business. I bet many will take advantage of it. As far as an individual spending there hard earned money? Leasing and building on leased land. Sounds great for the Thai's. As the saying goes, only spend here what you can afford to throw away. Because it is a total loss.
  2. Where I live in Fang Thailand. The locals start the fires to burn off rubbish, and the jungle. When very dry it gets out of control and burns the mountains. It is a disaster. Before the last big forest fire here I noticed burning in the mountains around the main forest fire. Then mysteriously, the forest fire began. It is a yearly ritual. Same every year.
  3. They could have a buy 1 get one free sale and I would pass!
  4. I have a really hard time with that thinking. Pulling money out of the market every year to put 800K in a Thai bank is expensive. It is a loosing situation for me. I might take a hit on the timing of the withdrawal, I would take a hit transferring it into Thailand, I would take a hit re-investing it. Extremely poor and bad business in every since of the word. Although 800K is not a large sum of money. I have 0 interest in financing the Thai banking system with a free 800K every year. I feel like I am already spending my money here and helping the Thai economy with out supporting the rip off banks. I like it here, don't get me wrong. But, I have set limits on what is acceptable for me. And the 800K baht rule is one of the rules I will not abide by if it comes to that. And fortunately I don't have to abide by it. No hard feeling either way, love Thai people.
  5. I travel allot and allot in southern Thailand. I have been to that office for a 90 day report and tried to get an extension of stay in Su-ngai Kolok. Ran into the same problem. Came back to Chiang Mai and breezed threw. I avoid the south for my extensions. I can prove the funds with no problem, but If I had to put 800K in a Thai bank I would just relocate to another country. I tie my funds up in money market and equity's. Pulling out 800K for a retirement visa here is ridiculous. You cannot own a small piece of land, cannot work, have 0 rights. Very poor place to have funds IMO.
  6. Are you still entertaining offers on your pickup? If so you can e-mail me at Thanks
  7. I'm a real outcast in Thailand. NO one has ever tried to bribe me dang it!....
  8. Well I never would of guessed it? I'm shocked!
  9. Trump is making the rich MUCH richer. Just look at the Mexican stock market and the Peso.
  10. +1 , I own one now but NEVER again.
  11. Agree, a bunch of nonsense.
  12. When is the last time you have visited Miami Florida. Now there is a scary little Cuba if there ever was one.
  13. I go back to the U.S. each year for few months. Love it.