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  1. Londoner on Pattanakarn between 32-30 not 15 minute from the Novotel, the second floor is free from tv screens and a good environment.
  2. Correct
  3. Lets break this down shall we.. A keg of Guinness costs 7120 Baht for 55 pints = 129 baht Cost per pint to purchase for the bars. This does not include staffing costs(low in pattaya/high in bangkok) rental costs(low in pattaya/high in bangkok). An industry standard beverage cost is 30%, any bar selling you a guinness at 250, is selling their beer at a 50% cost, add the staffing and rental costs, utilities etc then you are looking at a 65%-70% cost for a pint of guinness in bangkok, so the bars would be making less per pint than your shophouse in pattaya... everything is relative
  4. The clubhouse in suk 23 is open from 7 am for all the event including the fight pass prelims. Probably the most knowledgeable crowd for ufc in bangkok and has been putting on Ufc events for years. Full Metal Dojo will be bringing a couple of their ring girls this week. Stowford pints 180 through
  5. I actually know this one.....for laptop to tv viewing.. i use a mac if you hit ctr/option/shift and s it gives you an option to select both audio and video bitrates.. so I would imagine on pc would be alt/ctrl/shift and s
  6. Or even contact through his Thai wife who is linked on his FB page... Can't believe he would be ISIS, probably just on overstay nothing more... He's done shows at a few bars in Bangkok over the years
  7. Hagop Kassabian has done many shows around Bangkok, as an actually(quite) good Elvis impersonator... He did a show for me a few years back
  8. go to global doctor in the Interchange building next to kasikorn Bank
  9. they are usually used by thais doing Arm Curls to be fair...... Try Training Ground Suk 69
  10. The Clubhouse Definitely have it and aren't charging a cover... got a massive screen as well downstairs plus many around the bar....
  11. The Gorditas are awesome, they usually have it for their buffet lunch/dinner... There is one on Saturday 31st.. I'm taking the evening off to go for Margaritas and more Margaritas and lots of delicious food
  12. A little bit further afield El Mariachi on Srinakarin Road is outstanding... Mexican cook and authentic as anywhere I have eaten.. Charlie Browns doesn't even come close.. I would highly recommend... At the end of the month, they have a buffet as well which is always packed out
  13. I use Buds Ice creams here at the pub.... mostly in cocktails... The Orange Sherbet and Vanilla are good, some of the more inventive flavors not so much
  14. Sorry... I really don't understand this...... my details are on the Thai birth certificate as father.. I am not married to the mother although we have been together for well over 10 years... Are you saying legally my child is not my child until we are married? If so that is some real BS right there.... What do I have to do to get a british birth certificate.. All this stuff is beyond me I just can't understand.... I sort of understand I have to get the thai BC translated then taken to British embassy. Mother has British passport as do I.. so how much would it cost et all..
  15. psn's" cxxkblocker and mightyharriss