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  1. They would be nearly 78 metres long and 9 metres wide, equipped with the latest technology AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system, that would allow them to dive consecutively up to 21 days without surfacing. Normal nuclear-based submarines can dive around seven to 10 days. Check your facts jack...
  2. Papa be standing tall soon...
  3. Always faithful to a brother in arms... well done..
  4. The highly stimulating conversation that may occur....
  5. .....the ones who know the systems and make their way..
  6. Hmm same justice the poor Aussie boy was shown?
  7. End result...cult disbanded? Assesses seized... no more money for some officials?
  8. Did they ID the man, what was the excuse for driving like a Trump politician...
  9. ..grand standing, showing the boss, who has a bigger pair, all that ...
  10. The dude posted an insult; challenges the other dude, then this dude got his butt wiped fair and square. The fight is witnessed by both Thai and Westerners... all vote the dude out... and not he claims that three Farangs beat him up.. (hmmm, wrong MO dude). Grow a pair.
  11. ....and many would agree that the immigration officers are some of the most interesting interpreters of the rules and regs, who are under extreme influence.
  12. ..karma... justice... do you know who I am... in the end..
  13. Great... this is the one... I've been asked to judge English speaking competition..... This is the one I am looking for, I will make a copy and try to find the Thai version. Thanks again Blackcab I