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  1. I was a fan too, but very young. I loved the 3 Stooges meet Hercules (if that was him).I did not realize that he was that muscular. That is pretty impressive for back then.
  2. Seeing it is very different from reading about it. I lived in Thailand for 25 years before returning to the USA and the superior technology surprised me - even though Thailand had plenty too. It was real culture shock. I still have to translate prices in to baht sometimes to figure out if things are "expensive" or not and I have been back in California for more than a year. Getting out of prison after numerous decades would be much worse.
  3. Attempted murder of a policeman gets a lot of time, no matter the criminal's race.
  4. I think that the point is that it is just as dangerous and unhealthy as illegal drugs. In some cases, more so. I was young once and Trump is against smoking drinking and drugs. Furthermore, he has nothing to do with this topic.
  5. Correct and not usually super-attractive either.
  6. Only in the bars. The girls at Thapae Gate are a lot more economical - in line with Beach road.
  7. This may be true, but a "cigarette of opium" won't get one high. You need a special pipe and the opium is never burned, it is (more like) steamed. I am guessing that vaping might work. The flame can not touch the opium or it will destroy it. It can be eaten, but the high is not as pleasant as smoking it.
  8. Hope they let her go. Don't believe that drugs should be illegal and just feel sorry for people with her financial problems. Ya Ba is a really bad drug though.
  9. You've obviously never served time. It is bearable at best and usually very unpleasant. They are not "better off" than people who are free.
  10. Thanks. I have not seen that for quite a while, so watched it again. Lots of actors who went on to become famous, including Billy Bob Thorton in a minor role.
  11. I have a much harder time telling which ones are good or bad until I have known them quite a while. I can tell with Western women very quickly. If I am attracted to them, they are probably duplicious wenches.
  12. They are so feminine and pretty and they even flirt and pay attention to me. They get lots of points for that.
  13. Ken Kesey wrote my favorite novel - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - so I am impressed and my favorite non-fiction book - The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test - was written about him. He was a facinating guy. I have met lots of famous people because I worked in luxury hotels when I was young. The most famous one was Mohamed Ali and he was very kind to me. I was not much of a fan before that, but always remembered how he went out of his way to be nice to one of the little people when he did not need to.
  14. I read 'Life" by Keith Richards recently. What an amazing book. Interesting to get his take on Mick and the rest of the Rolling Stones, but his insights into writing songs and playing the guitar really did it for me. I play no musical instrument, but he did a good job of explaining why some people are so much better at it than others. It has little to do with playing chords perfectly. I am reading "Things that Matter" by Charles Krauthammer right now. The man is brilliant and the book is the greatest selling collection of essays of all time. They are about all different subjects and he makes pretty much everything interesting. That is how he got the Pulitzer Prize. It felt good to know that he found "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking as incomprehensible as I did considering he has a medical education and is a genius as well. I had to read another book that explained it for the layman.