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  1. I'm not sure about Mint and using keystrokes to switch input methods but in Ubuntu the key combination is left Windows key and spacebar. Hold down the left Windows key (between ctrl and alt) and tap the space bar and see if this works. If you have 2 inputs available this toggles between the two. If you have 3 or more it changes to the next input method on the list. Maybe the applet has issues and the key strokes will work. Be sure to do upgrades on your system as well. Some of these bugs get fixed quickly.
  2. This is karma coming back to visit from half way around the world. In Los Angeles I know several Thai families that have bought large square foot homes to live in and also to remodel and rent rooms to others. This violates zoning laws as usually these properties are in single family areas. Since the zoning is violated there can be no issuing of a building permit. No issue of a building permit... that cuts outs out any licensed / registered building contractor. Which in turn becomes construction not in compliance with building codes. You know how the electric wires are run along the wall in Thailand? Same Same in these places. 3 wires for ground? Nope. In fact one room I looked at had used bulk wire that one would use for a lamp plug. No conduit or Romex wire here!! The list could go on but you get the idea. Its all about enforcement because people are going to save (or cheat) money if they can. If the state/city etc have no means of enforcing the laws how can they do so? This is also karma coming back to those in the west who bitch about government overreach and intrusion into citizen's lives and work to defund these government programs that would protect the property owners. (I think it is time to put on my flame retardant suit.)
  3. Does anyone happen to know how long the rate has been 20thb ?
  4. Yesterday I was stopped 3 times on the way to immigration at 3 points on the moat. I have Thai drivers license so I was waved on. Later in the day I had to return to immigration so I decided to take different route. I was stopped at yet another checkpoint. 4 in one day. For a few hundred baht and a couple of hours getting a Thai license is well worth it. Get both if you can.
  5. To make a long story short: The only time there was a 'middle class' was when 2 world wars and a great depression took the wind out of the sails of the wealthy elite. The New Deal and Great Society were the 2 main driving forces. Since Reagan there has been a very successful push to discredit the US government's role in everyday lives. The wealthy elite have come to take that money back. When it comes to economic policy all anyone really needs to know is: The people are broke, governments are broke and banks/corporations/wealthy elite are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. Back to original topic... how long after the application is filed can I expect to wait for any phone calls. I'm planning on a trip to USA. This phone call will help determine if I file before, during or after the trip.
  6. One way to find out. And fairly cheap. I've taken some Linux sys admin courses at slashdot deals and they are good.✓&query=web+developer
  7. I think the break even point is 75? I forget now. Looking at my family history and my present health.... 75 is big stretch. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I've my doubts that my private pension will around in 10-15 years. Two years ago Congress voted to remove the guarantees on my pension (part of ERISA 1974) which paves the way for Wall St to take it. They will. Just remember: The people are broke, governments are broke, and banks/corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. There are people who want my pension money and they will do anything they can to get it. If the last 30 years is any indicator of the future, then they will be successful. So living in Thailand allows me to put more money under my mattress in case things go south.
  8. Thanks for all of the replies. :-)
  9. Any idea of the time frame for the call? i.e. Once the application is received then the call comes a week or 10 days later? That time frame may vary between offices I know. The reason I ask is because my visit to USA will be short. It might be better to wait and apply when I return to Thailand in early April.
  10. Thanks for the replies. My big fear was they would accept an overseas IP address or something. How long after the application is filed can I expect to be called? If I go to USA and file I won't be there too long as that might make me liable for Affordable Care Act penalties should I not purchase insurance. 35 days is the max I can stay. I have all banking set up between USA and Thailand with Bangkok Bank.
  11. I turn 62 in June and will be filing for SS Retirement in March. I am in Thailand on Non-Imm O-A and the second part of that visa ends on March 12, 2017. I can qualify for an extension of stay. I've returned 2 times since I first came here in April 2015. So I have two options. File from here or make a trip back to the USA. If I choose to stay here and file, can avoid going through Manila office and do it online? I still have everything a regular US resident has, address, bank accounts, registered to vote etc.
  12. Thanks for the link. I had searched online w/ google but didn't come across that link. Google's page rank doesn't work well at times. I'm trying to plan a trip to the US and file while I am there.
  13. Reading this thread brings up a question. I will turn 62 in late June and will apply as soon as I can. I do plan on being in the USA for my application and I have a USA address, banks etc. Is the application period 3 months to the day before your birthday? Or given my late June birthday can I apply say in early March?
  14. @KKK if you are referring to TM 30 I did not send one. I received the receipt back around noon today. Interestingly they placed a stamp in the 90 day portion I carry with me reminding me that my visa is set to expire. The visa expires 13 days before my next 90 days is due.
  15. Situation averted. As of 8:30 PM Saturday the return has been scanned. Scanned at 12 noon Saturday.