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  1. There's a good documentary on Netflix about the ivory trade. Very sad and disturbing to watch but very educational. To think that there are idiots out there who think elephant and rhino ivory can give you special powers is depressing. We condemn these beliefs, and rightly so, yet we let other silly beliefs go by without ridicule because it's someone's 'personal belief or culture'.
  2. "My dog ate the documents" Try it. You have nothing to lose and it will probably work.
  3. But we can't have Uber or Grab because they don't follow the rules. Oh, neither does the current taxi system. And when they get caught breaking the rules, the punishments are pitiful. So why not allow them all and let the customer decide?
  4. I had a great one recently. Supposed to have a delivery guy come from 4-6pm. He calls my missus at about 1 saying he's at our condo and waiting. My missus explains that we said we'd be available from 4-6 and the said company agreed. He said he knew, but he tried calling us before to say he was early but my missus didn't pick up. She asked how many times he called, and he said he called twice and she didn't pick up. Missus explained how incoming and missed calls work and he absoltsultey never called or even attempted to. He insisted he called and asked what's he supposed to do now? Missus told him she didn't care and complained to his bosses. Best bit was that I was the one that had to meet him after this whole sordid affair. If you allow people to say silly lies without any real consequences, they will. It will get so bad that they'll begin to believe their own BS. After that, you'll have to deal with their anger issues when you call them on their blatant BS. We normally knock this kind of behaviour on he head when people are kids. My advice when dealing with these kind of people - don't do it during hot season.
  5. Only thing people are confused about is when is the next general election.
  6. It's all very simple. If you have the CCTV footage that shows he's in the wrong, you show it straight away. Story over. If you say you have the footage but won't show it, you're clearly 100% lying. There's no reason not to show it if you're in the right.
  7. Stagnant wages and increasing costs of living. You've learnt well from the West.
  8. What happens when people ask to see it? "We have CCTV but this is a private/internal matter with the army. For reasons of national security, we can't make it public. But don't worry, guys. You can clearly see the soldier aimed at his arm. Believe me. I'm important" Little bit of advice to the people in power; try to avoid these kind of news stories during the hot season. As you can see already, people are going off their nut for the most trivial of reasons.
  9. I'm worried. Government, please issue a statement saying there is enough water.
  10. This story is truly funny. It's funny because the people fighting are too poor to sue the uploader of the video for defamation. So it's just a funny story, ha ha. Had one or both of the people fighting been rich - it wouldn't have been funny then. It would have been serious. Can't just go round filming people fighting and making them look bad. No, no.
  11. I worked in two offices here amongst Thai staff. The two biggest complaints I heard were bad boss and too much work. Admittedly, the bosses were usually awful. Didn't know how to designate, didn't want to hear other people's ideas and were more focused on looking powerful and important. Another thing I noticed was a 'sabai-sabai' work attitude from Monday- Thursday. A lot of chatting, going early for lunch and coming back late. Then, come Friday, most people were complaining they were so busy (because they left it all to the end of the week). As I was running out the door at 5pm on a Friday, I'd hear "Oho! Not busy, lor?" First few times I just smiled and left. After about the 5th time I explained how I do my work as I get it. The whole self-righteous thing will wear any patient man down. But, at the end of the day, most of us want more money and better conditions. No matter how good we have it. I'm sure there are many people here who have worked in a office with Thais who performed their work like Japanese prisoners of war. I wouldn't doubt you for a second. This is merely my two pence worth of experience working in offices here.
  12. Clap clap. Yes, telling a mother not to let her very young child walk close to a busy road is a Thai vs. farang thing. No such thing as universal rights and wrongs. Different cultures so different made up rules. Go home and get your shoe shine box.
  13. All this money could be spent on something much better. Sad. This is what happens when you let men with small penis syndrome in charge of large budgets. I look forward to more tax hikes on things I buy to pay for this frivolous impulse buy.
  14. Tnews asked the online community to share the news across social media for "the benefit of your loved ones". But what if there are no storms? Can the people sharing be sued for defamation? Making Tnews look bad and scaring the public? The computer crime laws here are incredibly vague and seemingly open to rich people's interpretations.