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  1. I hope they're not all SoB's!!
  2. Who knew? They did, through their parent/s, staff member/s of United. Staff must comply with the dress code FOR STAFF. They travel on heavily discounted tickets/passes, and the employer Imposes a dress code. Fare paying pax aren't required to dress to that code, although most airlines have some requirements, e.g., must wear shoes/footwear and upper body clothing. For 30 years I checked In looking like I'd just stepped out of Vogue magazine. Firts or Business class Bangkok to London for not much over $100 made It worth dressing up.
  3. 3 kg doesn't seem like a lot, but it comes from fluid in the body. He doesn't look like a big lad, guessing about 65 kg. About 70% of our weight comprises fluid/water (in some form), so he would be losing 3 kgs from 45 kgs (not 65!) almost 7%, so not an unexpected result. I recall when I was running, in the tropics many years ago, 35 degrees, 95% humidity, losing not much over a kilo, and couldn't think straight, terrible headache, not much above delirious, and I was 75 kgs.
  4. I've seen the letter advertised online for as little as A$15.00, but the fee on arrival Is A$90.00!! I put my visa app to the embassy In the post today to avoid the queues I encountered the last couple of times.
  5. But It puts your body under huge stress, as demonstrated here. Jockeys have been doing this, and dying, since the beginning of racing.
  6. Chicowoodduck, I don't want to throw a spanner in the works, but I don't think you have a visa. That sounds like just the letter from an agency, authorizing the issue of a Visa on Arrival. There'll be another fee to pay for the issue of the visa, and potentially a long queue, occasionally well over an hour.
  7. Since this thread is about an attack in the UK, not Europe or the US, can somebody do some research on how many people have been killed by islamic terrorists versus how many people have been killed by terrorist attacks by ALL other religions, in the name of their religion, in the UK only. If this is not just an islam problem, there should be about 19 times more killings by other religions, assuming 5% of the population is muslim. I don't have sufficient time to do the research for a few days. Perhaps it's somewhere in the previous 22 pages?
  8. It i specifically about an attack in the UK, NOT Europe. There have been plenty of references to the US in past posts.
  9. I'm often amused by the stats some posters choose to post. Using from 1970 in Europe but only post 9/11 in the US does no good for anybody's argument, and it's easy to see through..
  10. There are some posting here who are using figures to compare how many people muslims terrorists have killed, in western countries, compared with others killed/murdered by other than muslims. Similarly, they quote figures post 9/11, when quoting post 8/11 would give an entirely different result. There will always be murders/manslaughter in our countries, committed by everyday people, for whatever reasons, so what we should be looking at is how many have been killed by muslim terrorist acts versus how many have been killed by other religious zealots perpetrating terrorist acts.....IN THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGION!!! That will give a far more accurate picture. I suspect it would be......Others NIL.....muslims dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands, and in the case of 9/11, almost three thousand.
  11. Worse odds than highly improbably LG.......IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! The problem western governments face is that they now have us over a barrel. Soft c*** leaders say they can't go hard on muslims because that's where a lot of intelligence on the radicals' activities come from, and that stream may dry up. I doubt that there is any useful information coming from muslims about muslims. When an event such as this occurs, and there has been no information forthcoming beforehand, they just say that they didn't know about it. So we go soft, and they still give no information. Western governments are stupid.
  12. And Melbourne, Australia, but authorities aren't calling it a terror event here. Our politicians and police are so politically correct that we'd never know, or be told, if it was. A police commissioner a couple of years back referred to a Sudanese offender as....wait for it, 'a dark skinned gentleman'. People don't come any more black than Sudanese, so what's wrong with saying 'a black man'? Apparently it's offensive. But we can be referred to as 'whites' and it's not offensive?
  13. ....all identified as British citizens, not immigrants...............who have converted to islam??
  14. Perhaps US Patriot, in spite of his nom de plume, is not a native English speaker. I'd say he means.........Thank your (UK) government for being nice (to the 'religion of peace' component of the population). It's worth it to be nice to a minority group and have your own citizens killed (sarcastic/tongue in cheek comment), implying they don't understand a hand of peace extended toward them. They know only hate toward civilized people who choose freedom. Of course, I may have it all wrong??