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  1. You should have just said it's the exact opposite of what's written on the side of ice cream vans . Buy me and stop one.
  2. Rats are the only thing I would not eat they carry to many germs and bacteria even when cooked.
  3. If you have a Thai ID card or Passport you are eligible to be conscripted. Unless you never come back to Thailand.
  4. If he returns to Thailand they will/ may pick him up, as he is Thai, That is if he has a Thai passport or ID card. You can pay money so he does not have to pick a ball.
  5. Bring back the death penalty for this kind of attack. Nothing to bargain for after.
  6. When wagon brakes fail they come on.
  7. It's not brake fail.Its brake fade, an inexperienced or bad driver goes down hills to fast. useing his brakes to much, The brakes get hot and do not have the same impact as when the breaks are cold or moderately hot. Attitude is a big factor. In to much of a rush or just plain aggressive driving.
  8. The rich would not be in the Army in the First place if they did not want to go,
  9. Cannot believe how many people comment on the troubles in the south of Thailand without doing some research,
  10. And still sex tourist think these girls are gagging for sex,
  11. Most of them look like brick layers with wigs on ,
  12. The Army will track them down , dont forget they have to produce their ID card for Jobs or when police ask them for it, Nobody will Employ without an ID card. And when they are caught they go through a rough time, Two lads Did it in My son In Law's unit, they soon got caught and are now doing two years in prison, In prison they will be doing menial and monotonous jobs, I can Understand why they do it, becasue They are Conscripted into the Army, most dont want to go, and most have young families to support, The Army pay is poor and they dont support the Enlisted mans family, so if the guy has a19 year old girl with a baby , she has to look after herself, for the two years they have to serve. I would not like to think my wife and child was trying to survive for two years. ok some have families but a lot are very poor anyway becasue those with money buy themselves out.
  13. Total agree, one is not good, and she should be wearing glasses,
  14. Agree but people should be allowed there opinions, some times clever people cannot see the wood for the trees.
  15. Nothing to do with education , Its what the people want, OK it maybe wrong but its there choice, And after time things need tweaking bring up to date, The House of lords was ok in the 16/17 century. The lords allegedly get £300 per day for being un elected with an opinion that can stop legal voted for Acts,