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  1. I have an Ibex (disco 10 firmware)
  2. Anyone knows a good one for android tablet? Sygic does not work on mine.
  3. Where is the Teak house? I cannot find it on the map
  4. Well today someeone wrote they are fantastic so... if you Or somebody else cross the border in next future, please bring one for me.
  5. Scea, next time you cross the border can you buy one for me? I am really too chicken to cross the border
  6. Yes Don, This whole thread is one big commercial promotion. All the contributers in this thread had meals for free for the whole family as well as the drinks. Please realize there are more restaurants with beautiful dishes! At least we can choose from the recommended ones.
  7. I used to have an O-A but this time I showed my marriage papers, maybe that is because why??
  8. Last thursday I went to renew my visa. The officer filled in some paper (in Thai), just had to sign it. I don't know what kind of paper and what it is for. Also a second form how you travelled into Thailand reason to extend etc. Last but not least they took a webcam picture of me. Any experience?
  9. In what way Cmjantje !? for a Border run I suspect its no problem, except the Laos Visa is considerably more expensive than the Burmese one. Which I suspect is why most go to Mae Sai. A handful of nationalities get a free visa in Laos though, I'm not sure exactly which ones, but I'm sure the Swiss are one I mean for extensions, renewalls etc. I need to transfer the visa in my new passport, extend my stay in Thailand (OA visa) and report for the 3 months.
  10. Anybody has any experience with Immigration in Chiang Kong at the Lao border?
  11. I would love to visit the store, but I cannot make chocolate from the directions.... Please from one of the two clocktowers?
  12. I bought mine in CM. Have half a bottle if you want for free. I still have the full one :)

    Just tell me how to get it to you.


  13. I have I don't know how many audiobooks on my computer, anyone interested?
  14. No SD I have a retirement visa, never tried to cross the bordert... I am too chicken, really don't know what is the best way and how.