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  1. There is plenty of evidence out there such as a new administration in the city under the guise of the military; constant harassment of drinking establishments dealing sex; raids on foreign mafia; lawsuit regarding encroachment on the water side of Walking Street; lack of business from Westerners; more Chinese tours and weekend visitors from Bangkok; bars up for sale....... that enough evidence. Don't worry- what you want will still be around... you just have to look a little harder.
  2. What most people refuse to recognise or believe is that the party is starting to fizzle out and it will end sooner than later.
  3. I'd say that would be quite low- multiply that figure by 10 and you are getting close. Been married 3 times- all Thai ; raised 6 children; purchased 4 homes and sundry cars .......and I am nowhere near done yet....In many countries one would be given a permanent residence permit for having that commitment.
  4. Always follow the money and it's not in GoGo Bars or Beer Bars...
  5. The last post hit the nail on the head- it is the in your face stuff that gets plastered all over the media and social network. The sex venues that Thais go to are very discrete and subdued. They will always exist, The Government is after the venues in Pattaya because they are so visible and so widely publicized that they are determined to push it out.
  6. The European rightists thought that a Trump victory would propel them to the same. The sad part is that American voters actually thought Trump was going to change their life. Instead they are beginning to find out that he has sold them a bunch of snake oil and nothing will really change. Voters in the EU will not be so fooled as we are already seeing. the UK is a special case because they see a direct threat to their culture from unfettered Immigration. I doubt the EU will break apart but individual countries may seek further loosening of regulations.
  7. Walking Street and Pattaya itself will change considerably over the years. The Walking Street beachside will eventually be demolished and when that happens the authorities will go after the GoGo Bars and drive them out. The central government is determined to change the face of Pattaya and wants to gentrify it. Why do you think that Thai investors are putting in upscale shopping malls and building 5 start hotels.It sure isn't to attract Westerners who come for drink and sex. The end result will be more Asian tourists to include middle class toHi So Thais. The Government wants to get rid of the Western tourist that comes solely for the sex and it is working. It will always be there in some form but not the in your face situation we now see. It will be more discreet and confined to side Sois or gravitate more to Jomtien. To those who think Pattay would die without the current sex profile- I am afraid you are completely wrong. Utapao airport is being upgraded to a true international entry point and Chinese and other Asian tour groups will pour in. Pattaya doesn't need us Westerners to survive. It's a numbers game and a money game. The old days are on their way out... whether you or I agree is of no consequence...because we control nothing in Thailand
  8. For most people- it's not the current requirements that are a big issue- it is the fact that the Immigration law is not being administered in an equitable manner and in some case an unfair manner. Many offices make their own interpretation-with added requirements which sometimes changes from year to year. This causes uncertainty and stress amongst expats who are simply trying to live by the rules and take care of their family or simply live a quiet life.
  9. There are very few foreigners who have worked in thailand and risen to high salaried positions in a Thai Company or started a business that has made them wealthy. Most positions are held for Thai only. Most people married to a Thai are working offshore or in other countries are the ones making large salaries.
  10. Agree completely- have had every type of Visa and extension to stay except PR over a 50 year period. Constant reporting every 90 days. Married to a Thai. Spent millions in Thailand over the years in support of family and purchases. Every year I have to request an extension. Tired of it but accept it as I have no other choice except to leave. Thailand is extremely xenophobic and will remain so..
  11. The US tax code is 75,000 pages of complicated tax codes and laws. In fact it is so complex the average Ameerica does not understand it and has to either pay someone to do it for them or use a computer program. In addition, the guidance one gets when calling the American Revenue Unit (IRS) often results in the wrong answer. In fact, it sometimes takes a good hour to even get through to a representative and Trumps current overall budget cuts the IRS budget. In essence what needs to happen is to simply the tax law; make it fair for everyone; and get the wealthy to pay much more than they do now by eliminating the options they have and the rest of us do not. I am all in favor of lowering rates on business and repatriating funds held offshore - but the wealthy 1% have got to be made to pay their fair share. The main problem in the US is that there must be a redistribution of wealth from the 1% to the remaining 99%. Remember this- if you are a millionaire and your income is $5 M per year and you have to pay a rate of 50%- you are still a millionaire after you pay your taxes and you maintain your same lifestyle. However, if someone who makes $30,000 per year is placed in a lower tax bracket and allowed tax credits amounting to a gain of just 30%- they are pushed upward and gain almost $9,000 in income. Their lifestyle is enhanced tremendously. If Trump can pull this off- he would gain some support- but I doubt his mind works this way seeing as how he supported a healthcare bill that penalized the poor in favor of the wealthy.
  12. It didn't take me 50 years to learn it but in Thailand there are many more temptations than other places in the World.In Thailand one can make many of their fantasies come true. Add some alcohol and s**t happens!!!
  13. In regards to my comment on speaking and understanding Thai- when I first came to Thailand about 50 years ago- I did not know one word of Thai or anything about the Thai culture- I was the typical 2 week 'millionaire'. I thought a smile was just a smile and a kiss or not a kiss was just that. I thought every Thai was wonderful; the country was paradise and everyone was always happy. Ignorance was bliss. As i grew to understand the language and culture- I found that what you see is not always what you get. Sometimes when Thais are smiling and speaking the message is not what you think it is or hope it is. I have literally had Thais say things about me; to me thinking I do not understand what they are saying - things I did not like and all with a smile. I'm not saying it doesn't happen in other countries but when it happens in Thailand it somewhat destroys the mystique because one comes with a preset idea which of course is not correct. I still think the country is great and the people mostly congenial on the surface but I now know there is the good, the bad and the ugly. Moral of the story- don;t think with the little head- only with the one on your shoulders.
  14. I honestly believe that before I could speak and understand Thai- I liked the country and people much more because I could never see the reality of certain situations nor understand the act that was being performed. I still love it here- warts and all- but sometimes ignorance is bliss. Just a thought.
  15. Having been married to 3 different Thais from all walks of life- I would marry another one. However, as I have said the majority of Thai women cannot engage in a stimulating conversation whether in Thai or English. Most of them wear a mask- they are actors in a play- and unless you speak to them in Thai you will never see beyond this mask and act. Two out of the Three of my wives were/are loving but not much in the way of a World view although being married to a Westerner they developed one somewhat. The one I divorced was horrid and even her act was poor. Unfortunately, I met her after my first Thai wife died and I was drawn only to her sexuality and beauty. A big mistake on my part. There has to be more than physical beauty and sex. In my opinion, Thai women generally have no interest in anything other than their family; their friends and their job if they work. The reason there is so much divorce between Thai-Foreign marriages is that they have nothing in common; and no shared interests . While I am able to accept these differences because there are many positives-many people cannot and that is where the friction comes into play. One of the reasons Thais in general have a very narrow view is their lack of exposure to others; a poor education system that depends upon rote learning instead of thinking; lack of role models except Thai actors or singers; censored news; and television shows that distort real life. The longer you stay in Thailand the more you are able to see beneath the mask and sometimes what you see is not what you thought you were getting.