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  1. I don't suppose it has occurred to her yet that she and the other persons attending the meeting can all be called as witnesses, to testify under oath. Not that a little (more) perjury would worry her.
  2. I expect it's taking gratuities from a company he does business with in his official capacity aka conflict of interest. Try explaining that to a Thai - my g/f is having a bad case of <deleted>?
  3. My girls are no longer at school, but i think what you are referring to was the Democrats' textbook and uniform subsidy scheme, which was cancelled by PTP with the excuse that the funds would go towards the tablet purchase. Now it turns out that the tablets are not replacing texts (or uniforms). Not sure how much the subsidy was, as I did the buying and the wife collected the subsidy, but it was a hot topic around here last year.
  4. Are her fingers really that long, or is that part of the story?
  5. Usually it's "2 Soldiers Linked in Barracks Sex Scandal" Sent via my Magic Decoder Ring
  6. Not that I know of. One regular for 3 months every year, but he was well aware that we were more than friends (not me and him!)
  7. ...with 60 year old drunk smelly ill behaving tourists? You are joking, right?! No, of course not. 95% of the hookers in Thailand never meet a tourist. There's exactly the same misconception in the Philippines. People believe the business is mainly aimed at "tourists" whereas even the smallest little barrios have working girls plying their trade. We recently had a family crisis on our hands when it was discovered my wife's father was seeing one. There you go - you support and when their bellies are full they find other ways to spend it. You call that a crisis? My father-in-law invited me down to the local knocking shop a week after the wedding, in front of the missus (not amused!!) I tactfully declined.
  8. Actually i find your stereotypes rather jaded. Nearly all the bar-girls I know live in bar-supplied accommodation, nobody slaps them or forces them to take customers. I don't consider them to be greedy or lazy, most exercise daily to remain trim, none drink to excess regularly, and they would be told to move on quite rapidly if they started using drugs. They also work hard at improving their English, have hopes and aspirations just like everybody else.
  9. Not me. A lesson here for many Thais. She got off her back.....eventually.... and worked hard for an honest living. I'm not sure that you got my point. The lady earned her money through prostitution, invested it wisely, and now lives a life of leisure from the proceeds. Behind every fortune there is a crime - Belzac.
  10. Perhaps there is a small % who would like to be 'rescued' - yet perhaps there are a greater % of indentured maids, clearing 20 baht a day, forced to work 24/7 for rich Chinese -Thai families who would also like to be 'rescued.' Sex workers, with few exceptions, can walk away if they choose. The #1 reason for sex worker harassment is Christian aid groups motivated by their western puritanical superiority complexes. I had a Christian group wanting to rent my large house. They were planning to do 'improvements' to it - which would have turned it in to a fortress to keep 'rescued sex workers' from having visitors and/or breaking out. I said 'no' to the house rental proposal. Until these so called Christian's brought there ideas here to Thailand there was no stigma attached to prostitution. They missed that part of the Bible where it says let he who is with out sin cast the first stone. Not sure about this. If there is no stigma on prostitution here...why do you get the dirtiest look if you say "som phee nee"? Why do they call themselves "working girls" instead of ... Why do some (most?) hide their "profession" from their families? And in general: if it is "easy money"...why do I not know ONE "working girl" who is not drunk or stoned out of their eyeballs on a daily basis? Just think for a second: how do Thai-girls/ women go to the beach?! T-shirt and boxers, right?! And now: dance in front of total strangers, barely or not dressed! Get shagged by fat old sweaty drunk and often abusive foreigners, sometimes 4 times a night.... Easy money? Well.... Most of them dont get it. They sold their heart and soul, most of them dont even know what you mean, when you mention something crazy like "love"! And most of them don't get it, that they are having customer now, because they maybe 25 and look 18. At the rate they use alcohol, drugs and live an excessive live, they will be looking 45, when they reach 30! Easy money? No stigma? A man with so many questions and so few answers. Why do they not consider themselves prostitutes? Because they have the right of refusal, and to take those and how many they are willing to accept. why keep it from their families? Because they want to move home sometime, and in Thailand (as elsewhere) a man who has many partners is a butterfly or a stud, whereas a woman is a slut or whore. Why don't you know one bar-girl not drunk or stoned nightly? The class of bar you frequent. In EVERY bar I frequent drugs are banned. Young people with money in a bar, being offered free drinks - you expect abstinence? Does it happen in the village? Some girls wear swimsuits, but they are expensive. None fancy sunburn or a tan. Are you that old that you dislike shagging 4 times a night, or are you suggesting 4 customers @ B500 up? The decision is HERS. Premature aging from burning the candle at both ends. My mum warned me about that.
  11. Percentages I can't comment on, but quite a few of the older ladies have developed quite good English skills and become cashiers or hotel/resort staff. I suppose you could just as well ask what percentage of Thais think of the future and save regularly.
  12. The biggest problem I see is that many of the bar-girls enjoy the high life of their trade so much that they forget that it is only temporary. The smarter ones put some away for the inevitable time when the competition gets to be more attractive. I have a good (and once VERY close) friend who retired at 40 and returned to the home village where she is quite the little capitalist, with a nice house and a couple of businesses. Who should sneer at her success through hard work?
  13. Actually he would be a customer likely to pay a much higher rate than his thousands of Thai counterparts. I'm glad that you keep your hands clean for your own sexual activities.
  14. There is an old saying that there is 2 types of occidentals in the orient, those that shag the locals and those that lie about it. Of course you may be one of those who consider running a tab (commonly known as "marriage" ) is not paying for it - if so you may be in for a rude surprise when the bill is presented. Having ruled out ladies of the night, I suppose you could also be batting for the other side (none of my business, I agree!) No I am not homosexual and definately attracted to women. Yes I am shagging ONE of the locals and I am married to HER. I may be misconstruing your comment and if I am then I appologise in advance. From what I see you consider marriage as running a tab with a prostitute, are you basing this soley on hetrosexual marriage or both hetro and same sex marriage? If you are refering to all marriages then which of the same sex marriage would be considered the prostitute in the relationship? I personally find it offensive and I am sure others would also that you equate loyal wives and devoted mothers the same as bargirls and prostitutes. You must of had a very traumatic past relationship and my condolences. We do not all live parallel lives so you can not base your personal experience to others. You say that I will have a suprise when my wife presents the bill, for what? She actually owns more land and property in Aust and Thailand than I do. I have been married before and when we divorced we split the assets 50/50 as we both worked and contributed, a little like two people going out for dinner and splitting the bill. I never considered my ex wife a prostitute either and we are still very good friends. I think putting wives and prostitutes in the one basket is extreemly offensive. I do not know why you have such extreem hatred of women but you have to realise that not all women are the same as your past experience. No intent to be offensive George, but in reality marriage is the fastest way to transfer assets known to man. A recent comparison was done on Paul McCartney's marriage and him hiring a top-class NY hooker on a nightly basis - even on a 7 day/week he would have ended up millions in front. Be warned if you are married to a Thai - under Thai law you are the same legal entity. I personally advise anyone married to a Thai to keep all asset documents locked up securely where your spouse can't access them, or like many others have done you may find out that all community property has been sold, credit cards maxxed out, bank accounts emptied. Hopefully it may never happen, but wishful thinking usually runs a poor second to past experience. BTW I don't hate women - some of my best friends are women, even my long -term girlfriend is a woman, but I have NO intention of marrying her.
  15. Yea. great point. The whole village see these girls and ladyboys and know exactly how they earn their money. Before, when they'd come home to visit their families wearing gold, using i-phones and showing off their new found wealth, the whole village just assumes that working as a secretary, etc pays really well nowadays. Don't be so ignorant. I assume you're Australian with words like 'pommy'. Your nickname must be "lightning" if you managed to work out I'm Australian with a name like Oz Mick. As for ignorant, have you never heard of "plausible deniability"? It's why bars rarely have locals, because a young lady doesn't want to be out walking with the new hubbie and have some ex-punter stop for a chat. Of my 10 or so friends who work the bars, not one comes from within a 1000km of here, and not one wants to have her photo in the press as a sex worker. It's good to know you have 10 or more such 'desirable' friends. Pot, kettle and black. As for what your name is, my blog was a pop at you using the word 'pommy'. Pot, kettle and black again. This poor lady having to be harassed by a customer while walking with her hubby. (Oh, the humanity) Better work farther afield. Political correctness gone mad. I understand we all have our secrets. But when the shit hits the fan, don't be surprised. I think for the most part, Australian people are very nice. How do you feel about the British? Build a bridge and get over it. I find most British people quite nice, and have quite a few as friends here and at home - there are notable exceptions of course. A few of my British friends own bars where some of my thai friends work, I suppose you would call them pimps, but I try not to be judgmental about my friend's occupations, nor class people as "desirable" or not by such criteria. They all ride motorcycles too - I suppose that indicates another lack of desirability. And drink beer - how "common." FYI among my "British" friends back home are 2 that go by the nickname Pommy, Pommy Dave (who was actually born in Oz but his parents are Welsh) because our group had 3 Dave's, and in a different group plain Pommy, who's real name I don't recall even after 30 years of friendship. I'll have to ask him, I'm sure he won't be offended. The only 2 people I know who strongly object to being called a pommy are Irish, but I think it's more because they don't like pommies or being included in that group. But you have to remember, the whole country is only the size of a largish sheep farm.