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  1. Because most of the farangs up here are not people one wants to hang out with...
  2. I live 20 km from Phichit province, about 60 km from phichit city. Its not the center of the world thats for sure. There certainly are many foreigners here, but less than in phetchabun and obviously less than NS.
  3. that masters is only shown in standard def is outrageous. I will write to fox asia and i hope others do it too.
  4. Every tue and fri at the golf club, some people who doesn't play golf also come by for a chat. golf starts 9 am, socializing starts around 11-12 am.
  5. Do you know Khao Sai golf club? Its at the intersection 113 and 11. We have a small farang golf society there, mostly aussies and scandies, but we also have Americans visiting sometimes. One of our regulars is a Canadian. You dont have to play golf to meet them, we have lunch every Sunday at the clubhouse. send me a pm for more info.
  6. Thanks for that. Some people might find this discussion too detailed but i like it because i am trying to run a small club in phetchabun/phichit. we have collected score cards and been running competitions for a few years (nothing serious, just for fun). we have never used slope etc. but now we will try to do use slope and rating together with another club.
  7. I thought a usga hcp was calculated from last 20 scores, take best 10 and multiply by 0,96. not best 8 and multiply by 0.93.
  8. Update on this: I returned the phone, but still have not received the galaxy tab. when we call lazada noone knows anything. This is ridiculous, and we dont know what to do.
  9. Its about the same price. But i dont need a phone...
  10. holy crap. I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and got a Iphone 5c instead... really hope they fix this fast. I just sent an email to them.
  11. preparig my goodbye ceremony for germany

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jimi007


      They did kick ass again! My GF thinks they may go all the way.

    3. chrgrims


      i am eating my words right now, bitter taste :).

    4. PoorSucker


      Bitter is better than lager.

  12. Man, we are psyched for tonights games. Dont know how to stay awake for the late one though.

    1. dantilley


      Wouldn't bother, the earlier game should be much better.

    2. Richb2004v2


      I've discovered I can listen to is live on Wimbledon Radio.

  13. foooootieeeeeee! finally have HD with english commentary :)

  14. watching messi and reading about new ways to promote music online.

  15. NBA finals! Family from boston, so I am a big celtics fan!