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  1. Great. BKK needs more greenspace.
  2. Insight English. CP Tower Bangkok. Very professional, qualified teachers.
  3. No,, sorry I was specifically talking about Villa at Soi 11. It is my local and I never had a problem buying booze there - any time of the day. I'm not trying to be argumentative here but that has been experience.
  4. Been here around 20 years and I completely agree. I've met,mixed and worked with quite a range of Thai men from various socio-economic backgrounds. The majority have one thing in common, they have great difficulty taking and accepting responsibility. I think this can be traced back to the way they are treated as children i.e. as little emperors.I'm no psychologist but that is my take on it. Their treatment of women, in general, is appalling.
  5. Vila sell any amount of booze at any time. The only time I have seen them impose the ban is election day and certain Buddhist holidays.
  6. Villa Market in Soi 33 is way better than most of the others - has a huge wine section upstairs - expensive but that is because of the government tax more than anything else. they have a good deli section, olive oils, mustards, balsamic vinegar, truffle oil and other such 'must haves'. Fresh food 'wet market' for fresh fruit ad veg and seafood (local)- the fruit and veg at Villa is expensive and not that fresh Meat and imported seafood - Central Food Hall in Chidlom A grade beef and lamb from N.Z., Australia, U.S. and usually a knowledgeable farang butcher -Simon, a great guy who will order in stuff for you. Expensive buut great for the occasional splurge. Bakery - well we've got Conkey's down at Ekamai Soi 10, and loads of other choices for sale at Villa, Tops, Foodland, Bei Otto etc. Online from TESCO for all the rest of the non-fun stuff... tissues, toilet paper, soda water, soap, shampoo and it goes. A great online operation. Periodic trips to Pahurat (Little India) for wholesale dried fruits, nuts and Indian spices and the best samosas and bajis in Thailand. Have fun shopping! Have fun shopping.
  7. If you don't speak Thai it might be helpful to have a Thai speaker with you. Make sure you have all your paperwork - passport - original plus copies of front page plus valid visa - there is a photocopy service in foyer of the main building - work permit as well I think. If you have access to a Thai speaker ask them to check on the Land Transport website or all beforehand.
  8. Renewed my driver's license for the third time last week. It is five year. All the required documents were clearly listed. Passport + sopies of front page and visa page. Work permit with copies of front page and current permit. I used the main Land Transport Office at Chatujak. It opens for a queue number at 7.45 am and it is worth going early to get a a number - that said, as a foreigner you are assigned a separate queue for the initial document checking. After that you are in a queue with everyone - hence the need to go early. The eye test and breaking co-ordination test were dead simple. After that you are subjected to an hour long 'training' video before picking up your documents again and racing downstairs for the photo and card issue. I arrived at 7.40am and was all finished by 10.15am. Service was courteous and efficient and the whole thing cost B655 - or thereabouts. Take along some reading material, some patience and a smile. Good luck with it.
  9. Location. Location. Location. the three rules of real estate.
  10. Please step forward Mr. Orwell.
  11. Completely agree. Most Thais I know are fed up to the back teeth with selfish sidewalk vendors and motorbikes riding on the sidewalks. They are the silent majority. And Bankok isn't some kind of theme park for the benefit of jaded westerners.
  12. Tops at Central Chidlom - talk to Simon the Australian butcher there. He will do special cuts on request and has a good selection of beef and lamb - mostly Australian I think. Good quality.
  13. Fair enough
  14. Make your own.It is the easiest thing to make and far superior to the shop variety.