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  1. In every thread you are arrogant, condescending and insulting to anyone who dares to have an opposing view to you, but as soon as you find yourself stumped you play the mod card and pretend to be the victim. I've no doubt that the mods are well aware of your behaviour so running to them on this occasion will do nothing for you. More and more of your character is being exposed. This was just pathetic.
  2. Oh, look who can dish it out but runs away when it comes back to him! Hahahaha
  3. Stopped reading at "European". Don't tell me you are another one of these Remainers who doesn't understand the difference between the EU and Europe? Britain is not leaving Europe. We will still be European. We are leaving an overbearing dictatorship that wants to establish a European federation, something which we have just hopefully stopped by being smart enough to vote to leave. You understand all of this, right? You can still be European first and British second, whatever you think that really entails.
  4. You've been wrong about absolutely everything (Brexit, Trump, the EU), so who cares what you think about anything any more? Although having said that you are good for predicting what won't happen so please tell me you are against Le Pen winning. I'd love to know she has your reverse backing.
  5. Funny thing is, these views haven't improved since the day of the vote. This video was straight after the referendum;
  6. Watch the video and you will be unable to disagree that these people are idiots in the literal definition of the word.
  7. I've yet to see any videos of Remainers who have done any real research on what they say they believe in. Their views are based on emotions and peer pressure.
  8. I don't care about him or anything he has to say or do, you are the one who seems obsessed about the reporter instead of the report. What is important is the views of the people at this protest. These people are idiots and have no idea what they are doing, and if this is what the 48% think then we were so lucky that they didn't win, right?
  9. The usual name calling to avoid the points. It is quite amazing to me that after the last year of events to show you how shutting down every discussion with name calling and shaming has led us to this current situation, and yet you haven't learnt a thing. Please continue to call everyone who doesn't agree with you racists, bigots and Nazis instead of actually discussing the issues at hand. Why not discuss the actual point of the video, the fact that all of these people have zero clue what they are protesting about and based their views on feelings and instead of discusssing their "cause" they use threatening language and behaviour?
  10. How lucky is it that these idiots didn't win?? I'm shocked that every single one of them didn't mention "the bus". This just shows that the 48% were not informed about what they were voting on, they based all of their views on feelings. How many of the 48% who had these views last June have since become more aware of what they were voting on and would now vote to Leave? How many of the 48% who were scared and blackmailed into voting Remain now see that it was all a pack of lies and would now vote Leave? I haven't heard on social media from one person who voted Leave who would now change their vote. I've seen many people who voted Remain say that they would now vote Leave. In a few years when we have left the EU and all is well with the UK and the remaining EU members are going through hell, what will these people say? Nothing, they will claim credit for everything that happened in a sick twisted way. But their children will thank us for getting out of the EU mafia despite their idiot parent's naive views and ideas of the world.
  11. You voted for no change. Why are you now suddenly so concerned that perhaps nothing might change??
  12. A suggestion cannot be a lie. Also, we are still paying into the EU so that suggestion cannot have happened yet according to the Gospel on the side of the bus. Who wouldn't want to fund the NHS? Oh that's right, Remoaners because you used your vote to make sure that the NHS got zero extra funding. You voted for no change. Only now are you all so concerned about the NHS. Total hypocrites who don't care about the NHS, you just don't like to not get your own way so you bring up "the bus" on every Brexit discussion.
  13. Your brought up "the bus" as part of your argument therefore you forfeit the right to be debated with as an adult. You couldnt have timed it any better as I had just posted that "the bus" is the most pathetic argument that the Remoaners have but one that they return to on every single discussion. You have nothing better than "the bus", this is your biggest gripe about the whole Leave compaign; a twisted out of context quote, because you have nothing. So whenever a Remoaner brings up "the bus" then any rational debate is over.
  14. I'm sorry, but unless Prof Michael Douglas wrote it on the side of a bus in the form of a vague suggestion then I don't want to hear about it. From now on we live our lives based on things we see written on the side of busses. Only those suggestions are contractually binding in a post Brexit UK.
  15. See?! "The bus". Hahahahahahahaha