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  1. An insulting response has bee removed, please show respect to fellow posters. Also a useless Thai bashing comment removed....
  2. It's getting to the end of the month and nearly time to close the March competition. Please go through and cast your vote! ( Use the "Like" button) There are some good entries, thank you to those who have contributed....
  3. You could try the girls at the "Foam shop" near Maenam Resort road on the ring road ... on right side coming from Maenam Soi 4 (traffic lights).... It's usually fairly easy to spot... probably not open Sunday!
  4. Lots of birds showing up lately ..Obviously matting season with all the chirping and dancing / feather flapping, going on... but hard to get close enough to get good images... This is one of the better ones... Blue King fisher... (Indian Rollers I seen too, still waiting to get a few pics! ) Drongo (I think) just too far away....
  5. Just before sunset this evening Baan Por Samui
  6. Flowers in the garden today!
  7. Yes still some TVF glitches, with uploading... my recent uploads all drag and drop.... which in some cases where I have edited and kept a CR2 file, it cannot be uploaded as it's too large... Meanwhile pussy cat is sleeping on it!
  8. Nothing is being cooked, not sure where you got that from... ? I won't be sacking the Indian guy! Actually Nepalese and been a good friend for years! I rarely cook with separate spices when it's easy enough to to buy ready to use blends~! or let Babu make the Indian curries! Since starting to take this Turmeric daily, it has really help relieve the pains.. Several sources all say it has to be taken with hot milk and drank on an empty stomach... I have an American neighbour who is a retired nurse, with similar problems and she's taking it too, with same good results! It does not have the side effects of many "store" brought or doctor prescribed drugs either. I can also now get out and about without the pain of trying to walk or using a walking stick... Also find that cutting time on sitting at the computer really helps too.... I am no longer spending a lot of time doing that! The work going into making the Turmeric powder is extremely time consuming, as I have found out...watching him go through the process of making it, to make enough without doing it daily which would be too tedious. The roots are first crushed and laid in the sun for about 10 days... Then ground in a mixer, sieved and ground again to make fine powder... As for the cumin name it was my land lady who said that it was "cumin" I was surprised at that... but just looking it up I see this: So it is different... OK that was my landlady who said that... I was surprised but took her at her word! So I retract the reference to cumin! Roots sourced from Nakon Si Tamerat about 100 kms away on mainland, (Babu's wife's family farm) Not being fobbed off at all considering too, he's done this for almost for free. ... repayment of things I have helped with over the years... Sitting for about 10 days in the sun...and turned several times daily . Final grinding... it would take days with a mortar and pistol for this quantity!
  9. Some of the cameras Lazada sells are "imports" The warranty/ guarantee does not always apply..... even though they do give the impression it has a guarantee. Canon says no it's not!
  10. It may be coming a little more according to the forecast for Sunday... but it will be probably be very localized... It really could depend on where you are! Had very very light shower the other day driving through Nathon.... But we do need a little bit of rain to keep the plants happy!
  11. for my aches and pains, in my legs, I have been taking Turmeric ( (AKA Cumin) for the last few weeks... it really seems to help... although not the greatest taste in the world, mixed with hot milk. My local Indian restaurant guy has been making it for me... a very long and tedious process! Final process is grinding after smashed roots lay in sun for 10 days to dry out... grinned and sived Comparing store brought with 100% pure... (more yellow mix in front is mixed with a filler!)
  12. What to call this? .... Skeletal remains... my neighbors collection of bones and skulls! ...and other stuff! Snake, Buffalo, and two dogs at least he thinks it a dog, must front image
  13. Always very difficult to predict the weather, currently it's puffy clouds and getting very hot! Seas at least on north end of Samui very calm these days. Forecast does say 80 % rain, in the next few days, but rarely correct, and I doubt at this time of year it will be more than a few scattered showers perhaps heavy at times.... sort of wait ten minutes and it clears up! Doubtful I think, ferries to KP would be cancelled altogether at this time of's a half hour ride if you use Lomprayah out of Maenam.
  14. 1.9 mb, if you were asking me Ron! Stemming from forum glitches me thinks! Sunlight on Purple fountain grass with yellow Cosmos!
  15. Never mind, Curt! I just tried loading an image and it would not load, so you were lucky! Welcome back!