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  1. I have to wonder if ubonjoe sees it this way. Why does he stay so busy if it is all so transparent and stable? I'm always impressed by his deep knowledge of requirements and following these posts has increased my own understanding of the topic. Whereas your own role appears to be that of a champion apologist for all things difficult in LOS.
  2. I'll be traveling soon so went to Ranong Immigration on Saphan Plaa to get a re-entry permit. It was shocking to see most of the site leveled and in the early stages of site preparation to build a new facility. The jail building is still there and I found someone to tell me where to go. :-). Continue on that soi on past Immigration until you get to the Bangkok Bank down by the fish market. On that same corner just past the bank is the new temporary location.
  3. Whatever they salvage from that car, they will never get the stink and stain out of the driver's seat.
  4. It was an editing error at time of publication. They meant to write "preserve the image of Thailand"
  5. OH! Sorry. I'm a little slow sometimes.
  6. Let's focus on the big picture folks - as long as the Thai worker is not losing their job to a farang, mai pen rai. True story too - I went to the pharmacy of my local (provincial) hospital trying to resupply my eye drops for glaucoma. I explained and showed the nearly empty dispenser. she tried to supply me with nose drops.
  7. More like that's nice- and totally meaningless. Had he not resigned I'd be impressed. Had he not resigned most likely he would have been reassigned instead of sacked.
  8. Having just sold a car with only 18,000 km on it for 55% of the new purchase price I would never buy a new vehicle. Period. I saved 120,000 baht over the price new when I bought it as a 1 year old with 3,000 on the clock. It took me 45 days to sell that car and many people tried to buy it for next to nothing. The used car market, IMO, is way down from what it used to be. Also if you are patient you can buy from a foreigner as I did and not from the locals with sketchy to zero maintenance. I had a chance at a 1 owner, foreign owned, 4 yo Toyota truck much like described by the OP for 350,000 baht but had just purchased my car. Be willing to search and be willing to travel and you can save huge money.
  9. Where is sharia law when you need it?
  10. I have heard so many variations on the outcome of this that it is mostly like guessing what works and what does not. 4 years ago my GF of 10 years (can you say "common-law"?) did get the 10 yr tourist visa. She could show property but not big money. She also showed a one page summary from me about our relationship and why WE wanted to return to Thailand after a visit of some months. I realize that is not the case for you, just that is what worked for me. Good luck! As a final comment, there are many successful Thai/foreign relationships in North America too. It all depends on the individuals.
  11. To borrow from that old movie "Wayne's World".......when a monkey flies out of your ass.
  12. My experience with the Thai Marine Office and with the Thai Marine Police has zero correlation with understanding and abiding by marine registration and regulations in the US. I lived on board full time for 5 years. In that time I was checked for papers one time. While at anchor in Phuket's Ao Chalong. I showed them 3 documents. My Captain's License, the title for the boat, and my wife's Engineer's License, which made all 4 of the officers laugh out loud. But we had it. They wished us a good day and left. There was never, not ever, a safety check of my boat and how it was equipped. Had there been it would have passed. What should you do? Find out where your Marine Office is, go there with your import documents and tell them what you want to do. They might look at you like you are from Mars but never mind. I'm sure that especially in BKK they have close to zero exposure to the idea of pleasure boating. Boating here is all about commerce and they have a hard time understanding the concept of pleasure boating. Before you can operate your boat they are going to want you to title it in this country. That will involve an "inspection" where the Marine Officer comes to see your boat. It is a shadow of a real inspection. They are interested in the motor and the S/N of the motor for reasons I'll let you decide. Then they will issue you numbers - you have to put the numbers and the name on the boat in English and in Thai. (I recommend you name her AE just to keep it simple ). So that's what a guy should do if he is not willing to wing it. What I would do is launch my boat and go have a good time making sure I got no where near the fast tour boats on the river. When finished, take her home and no one hardly even noticed you. I would have my papers with me in the highly unlikely chance that someone stopped me. I remember your post and I bit my tongue at the time. What? 2 or 3 years ago wasn't it? The trouble that you are imagining is unlikely and can go away with small consequences. Just stay safe and use your knowledge on the water. BTW, I just titled my 5.5 meter day boat and there was no mention of a license. Mine expired some time ago. So, that may be reserved for commercial applications or much bigger boats. Here's an EDIT - you wrote "canals". be very careful with that and be sure there is no regular water taxi traffic in any canal that you might be interested in. No way I'd go there.
  13. This is a good comment. I know of one westerner who made a crude catamaran by marrying 2 old long tail boats and then put a house on it. It certainly is not pretty but he lives on it with several other people and they cruise in local waters in the high season. No way they have more than 200,000 baht in it. It kinda depends on what you want to do. If you want to make long voyages this boat might not be up to it.