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  1. Birds ? Come on T man, get with the times :)
  2. Thanks... Kinda looking for Thai available products and experience.. Cheers
  3. Haha haha...... That's why I always see squashed Toyotas being towed behind those rescue trucks :)
  4. Its funny how any Ford thread gets all the Toyota, Isuzu etc fanboys on here bashing the Ford... Never seems to happen the other way round on i.e. a Toyota topic !!! All I can say is - Ranger XLT manual, 148,000km and not a single problem... Even my batteries last a year+ longer than Transam boys :) See ya
  5. So is tugging one out but I wouldn't be doing at a table in a pub :)
  6. Just get it running... Wear a helmet and always have 200 baht cash on you, in case you do get stopped... I'm not condoning breaking the law in any way, shape or form :)
  7. I'm sure every manufacturer has isolated issues like you mention. Fact is Ford do not have any mass gearbox problems on their manuals...
  8. Anyone with experience ? Looking for good quality brand, easy to assemble and low maintenance... Where to buy ? Many thanks...
  9. Just buy a manual trans, no problems there :)
  10. When you just copy a comment that someone has written, and post it back to them, that is not a constructive debate... Its playground stuff :)
  11. So 86% of fines were unpaid and only 11% of fines were paid.... Hope I'm in the 3% bracket if I get fined :)
  12. Nothing wrong with those Rangers :)
  13. How to make friends and get help in a forum 101 :) Good luck OP
  14. Ok, waiting....
  15. How many chins do you have ?