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  1. You are aware that Defoe hasn't played for us in years and is therefor of little interest to a Spurs thread? There is a Sunderland thread......
  2. I wasn't aware England has a "farangs not allowed to win" policy.
  3. Shame they can't adopt their "farangs not allowed to win" to football and the national team!
  4. Thats one thats just not going to happen is it. Kompany at his peak you'd take seriously but Otamendi, no chance.
  5. If you would refrain from speaking to me like i'm an eight year old i'd appreciate it. Secondly, you have just wasted your time typing three paragraphs of waffle with seemingly no point to make other than United won a lot of silverware in the past and you really don't seem to be able to hold an adult discussion if someone else makes a point that you don't like. I suppose the next line of attack will revert back to comments about grammar and such!! I watched as much of the Rostov 2nd leg that i could take and believe, your football is neither exciting or entertaining. If if it was such a spectacle, why did we have to be subjected to another Mourinho whine about fatigue? i also watched the performance against Chelsea which was little short of dreadful. The tactical genius of Mourinho having his side kick lumps out of Chelsea and set up in what looked like a 622 formation. That neither exciting or entertaining. I was just awful. Your little jibe about Spurs having virtually non existent expectations is rather pathetic if i may say. If you want to really watch some decent football you would be better watching us. United recently have been looking more like Don Revie's dirty Leeds. So yes, bark on as much as you like about how entertaining, exciting improved you are but remember we too all have televisions and we are watching too.
  6. In reality it is a waste of time. More so due to the general attitude and a lack of will on the part of those that should be implementing stricter control.
  7. What are you talking about moving on from the players to the squad. They are one of the same anyway, right? Forget the tut tuts, you sound like you are simply deflecting from the fact you are clearly not up to date on what he's been whining on about most recently.
  8. To say Conte hasn't given him a lesson is just too stupid for further comment. Secondly he has recently said his squads not good enough. Whether you heard it or not is by the by. He did, i heard it. Lowering the bar, that is when he's not singling out individuals infront of the media. You just sound blinkered. So you too along with Peter, are in complete disagreement with Keane?
  9. He certainly has some unique take on Mourinho and Conte.
  10. When i can stop laughing i'll respond. What a load of old cods you''ve just posted MrEd
  11. I don't really want to enter into this United/Liverpool spat but i do think the manner in which Mourinho is lowering club exceptions already this season is very unbecoming of the manager in the biggest club in the country. Basically saying his players are not good enough, they are fatigued ect.....of course he'll never look in the mirror and accept his own short comings, thats a given. Theres no doubt a few summer addition wouldn't go a miss but what does seen clear certainly to a number of neutrals i've discussed with is the manager simply hasn't been getting the best out of a number of his squad that clearly have the ability to do better. This season Conte has given him a lesson in management, thats for sure.
  12. I don't think we'd catch you even if we won all our remaining games. its more a case of Chelsea not dropping enough points. I doubt we'll beat Burnley anyway, their home form is exceptional.
  13. We do loads more yardage than United and you don't hear us complain about fatigue. Listen to your ex captain because he seems to agree with me too. And id suggest his knowledge of the club and football in general is slightly greater than yours. Even Bournmouth, who work off a fraction of United's resources don't complain, and they too do loads more yardage as their playing style requires. Oh and btw, theres been loads of respect shown to Ferguson on here in the past, but i don't think you were a poster back then. We certainly didn't like aspects of his "game" but always respected his achievements as much as it would suit you to think different.
  14. If they are tired they are not fit enough. No excuse for that.
  15. Oh God, you completely missed the point. Have a spectacular weekend mate.