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  1. 1000 % Correct... so simple yet, they are beating this thing to death! Apparently they have a lot of time on their hands.
  2. This is very simple. Do you have income of 65,000 THB or more? If so, then you are good to go. You don't need to be a mathematician to figure it out.
  3. He came in to Thailand with a forged passport. Read the article. You can rest assured the US court confiscated his original passport.
  4. Don't be so quick to start a responsibility that will only grow over time. If you really lover her do the best thing and help her to get an education and possibly a career. Would do wonders for her self esteem and would make you proud to know that you changed a persons life for the best. Start maximum 10,000 per month and leave it at that. If she asks for more make it clear she has to handle her personal expenses from her allowance. Throwing money after money at Thai women is never ,ever a sound decision for anyone.
  5. Try Kingdom Law Group 0859290355 . They did a good job for me.
  6. Pre-nuptial agreements are very common here in Thailand and must be registered at the same time as the marriage and must be made in Thai and English language. I had one prepared by a very competent firm called Kingdom Law Group here in Bangkok. If you want peace of mind have it done, I did.
  7. Be a (smart) man....Throw her out you idiot !
  8. Oh and one more thing....Good transportation is non existent and if anyone tells you differently they are flat out lying to you. We have all heard it before: "Misery loves company". This had to be authored by a Pattaya resident.
  9. I'm an ex NYC guy married to a wonderful Thai girl. Believe me when I tell you this, Pattaya is not a place you want to live. The crime rate is high, the beaches are Ok at best and everyone is trying to get their hand into your pocket. From what I have seen in my 15 years here ,there are no good neighborhoods,areas,etc., in Pattaya. Most of the ex-pats(not all) living in Pattaya are there because it's much cheaper living than Bangkok . Any place that starts 'Happy Hour' at 7am is not a place you want to be.
  10. Bangkok: "Vasu Currency Exchange" located on Sukhumvit Road in the Nana area. Plenty of USD at the best rates. FYI: The Thai baht is welcome in Vietnam and the exchange rate is almost exactly what the USD exchanges for. I have been to Vietnam many many times and have never had any problem exchanging Baht for Dong.
  11. Mr. PM.With all due respect. Why has there not been a "Crack Down" on these thieves (jet ski operators). Priorities need to be addressed. How many people have to be ripped off before you do something. Oh, and you might want to take a look at the Nigerians selling drugs on Soi 3 in Bangkok. They are blatant and aggressive at all hours of the day and night. Maybe look into the fact that they do this with no harassment from the Police. You want to make Thailand a family destination then clean up the crap that is slowly but surely destroying a great city/country.
  12. Simple and easy. Take the group on a beautiful day time cruise up and down the ChaoPraya river. Buy the day ticket and make as many stops/off and on as you like. So many things to see and markets along the way. Plenty of decent restaurants as well. Enjoy a great Thai day!
  13. I hope this new law will have an impact on The Land Department where you cannot get anything done without "tea money"or "unofficial fees" being paid for nothing other than the final stamp of approval. They can literally hold you hostage from closing on a property that you are selling or buying. There have been a number of news paper articles written and all agree The Land Department is the most corrupt of all the government agencies,let's hope this new law has some influence on hoe The Land Department does business.
  14. The Land Department has been deemed the most corrupt government agency going. If you have ever had a transaction with them you will know why. Yet,there is never a written word about it,never any public statements from the government and never anyone arrested or prosecuted. My wife is an attorney here in Bangkok,prepares her settlement statements and documents meticulously for her clients. Everything is up to snuff but, the folks at the The Land Office still want there dues to assure a smooth transition of property. Without paying under the table they can make your life in The Land Office a living hell for days or weeks at a time. Until the client finally gives in and pays the additional 10,000 and up for officials and their pockets so that the buyer and seller can move on with their lives. Forget about building a railway to China, first deal with things at home.
  15. They don't 'need' to do anything for this lowlife.