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  1. Again, not trying to wind you up... but don't you also have over-voltage relays in your system? Or, maybe you need one. I mean, with all the gadgets that you have to protect for this and that and then the "weakness" in the Samsung inverter design can't handle something. Ah, what to think.
  2. Wait a minute... is this the guy with a whole house surge suppressor and bunches of MOV's in front of various electronics (including the washer?). Do you have a conclusion for that? Hope you know this is not a diss - just wondering. Cheers. Edit: my Samsung inverter fridge has the "square box" on the top - maybe the same thingy? But, I sure as hell don't want to unplug that during storms. Maybe fire up the genset when lightning about?
  3. The problem with covering up disparate spots is that they will eventually inherit a color different than surrounding tile and maybe just as objectionable. If the "cleaning agent" is causing the problem, maybe try a different product. Maybe try mopping with a bleach solution after normal cleaning. ??
  4. Our builder custom made and turned out great. Maybe find out who the "Home" places use for that and try to contact directly.
  5. Just to say... while these devices will suppress transients (caused by lighting or whatever) there is NO protection from a direct/near lighting strike. It doesn't even matter if your electric stuff is plugged in. I have the unfortunate experience with that and virtually everything electric got fried - plugged in or not. So, you can do this kind of protection but don't think you are invincible because of it.
  6. If you are talking about running underground from the meter, you really need to get with the PEA before you order anything. Most, if not all, "upcountry" PEA absolutely refuse to service underground cable. Once on your property, you can do whatever but not from the meter. And, there are some PEA that require underground, so be sure you get it straight from them.
  7. Well, it's NOT hard to clean unless the surface is corroded. If you have something that is not wasting away for other reasons, vinegar works but better are the "lime scale" products that do work almost instantly. Put the chemical into the inlet tube, let sit for the while, and then flush out. If lime scale the problem, that should solve it.
  8. Back to the topic... I'm still curious why you think the ground under a slab will get hot and need insulation? 'splain it to me Lucy.
  9. The problem with magnet check is that some of the crap is not magnetic. If it is SS, it will say SS and if it doesn't, pass it up.
  10. Vapor barriers, yes. But insulating a slab? Interesting. What are you insulating it from?
  11. I wonder if you meant to spell it "mai daeng". (Red wood which is not the American red wood but the very hard wood commonly used for construction here.) I would go with a preservative followed with an oil based stain. Seems like whoever built it would have suggestion?
  12. Don't recall seeing single SS hooks but I've used plenty of the bronze and they are all holding up well. I've also put up the kind that have several hooks on a strip. Those are definitely available in SS and most of the "Home" places should have them. Make sure it says "Stainless Steel" either in English or Thai. Many times I ask and get the affirmative head nod but when I ask to show me where it says SS, they go off to find one that does.
  13. Most pumps that I have "plug in". So, if outside and subject to weather, you would want an outlet protected for that. <- not easy to find good ones here - why I don't know as most options are a plastic box with a lid. And, if you can't find 2-core w/ground, you could just string along a 1mm2 green wire. 3-core wire in Udon is very hard to find.
  14. I get the same message. Maybe permissions on the .DOC. @Crossy?
  15. The normal output from a tank is 1" and the normal input to a pump is 1". So, for sure keep that dimension to the pump. The 1/2" input to the tank is OK. Keep the 1" output from the pump as long as you can before reducing to the 1/2" which is most likely supplying your home. Show your plan for "adding sprinklers". Not difficult but can be a bit tricky to provide more than one water source. Edit: Your location must be like everywhere else in Thailand where there is a plant nursery every 20 meters or so on the outskirts of the village. They will all be much the same.