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  1. It's not the modern standard of care that is unaffordable. It's only the care in the US that is so crazy expensive. Identical procedures or medications in other developed countries cost a fraction of those in the US. The main reason; hospital and insurance monopolies and their influence on politics.
  2. Japan should offer free funerals to those elderly who voluntarily give up living. That'll solve their aging population problem.
  3. I suggest you contact your bank and ask for a list of what is required to repatriate the money, specifically if it is more than the amount you brought in to purchase the condo.
  4. You can repatriate the money you brought in to purchase the condo (providing you have that document from the bank). Furthermore you can repatriate any profit you make on the sale, providing you can show a tax statement proving you paid the income tax on the capital gains.
  5. So true. My brother has a house just north of SF. He boasts how it's now free from mortgage since he recently sold his company. However, the property tax on it is more than double my rent for a spacious villa on Samui. Ps. Unless a foreigner has permanent residency in Thailand, I am sure they will class foreigners' (leased) land as not their primary residence for future tax collection on land. Expect to pay 5% tax annually...
  6. For international sales (goods or services) no VAT is charged. For goods you'll need to show customs export declarations. For services there is a withholding tax. RD website will tell you how many percent on which type of services. Under certain conditions withholding tax is not applicable on services rendered abroad. But if you explain the exact services offered, where the work was done, where the payment is made from, and where will the services be enjoyed, then you should get a single answer. Otherwise just call or visit the RD. That's what they are there for....
  7. It's easy to use a scarf or something else to cover the breast while feeding. The women who take their breasts out in public and have children breastfed in the open do it to make a point. I'm a very liberal person and couldn't care less about topless women or men kissing. However I am not autistic and if the majority of the people have moral objections to something then I adapt and expect others to adapt. It's no different than topless sunbathing in Thailand. It's just not done here.
  8. So is masturbation. I still try to refrain from it when in public. My take on this is pretty straightforward. Cultural norms indicate what is acceptable in public and what isn't. Most people would know what is or isn't appropriate. Moms breastfeeding with all to see, know it's frowned upon by a lot of people, yet still some do it to make a point. I think that's wrong. It's the same as two men passionately kissing in front of a mosque after prayers. Perfectly legal in most countries, and rightly so, but still very upsetting. Why the need to deliberately upset other people? in regard to this poop incident, I doubt the parents even realized, thus the other patrons should have spoken out and educated them. Ps. Obviously this is in the U.K. In what other country does one go 'dining' in a pub?!
  9. All true in regards to other health issues. Just stating that science should never be settled. This line from the article points out exactly why; “The fact that passive smoking may not be strongly associated with lung cancer points to a need to find other risk factors for the disease [in nonsmokers],” said Ange Wang" when the science is settled, you stop doing research in the field. I believe current evidence points strongly to anthropogenic climate change, with co2 and temperature causally linked. HOWEVER, when we then conclude the science is settled and stop further research, you are taking a risk. Just imagine that co2 and temperature, although causally linked, are influenced by another factor. A scenario where human farts cause co2 to be less absorbed by trees with a factor100. After the science settled phase we would have spend enormous amounts of resources on either coping with the inevitable changes, or trying to reduce co2 in the atmosphere. But if one continued the research and found out about the human fart influence, then a simple ban on baked beans could avert disaster at a fraction of the cost. Science should never be settled!
  10. I agree that there are many interests at play that will try to influence the outcome of scientific studies. However, I believe that over time the 'truth' will come out, as new and more evidence gets collected. By the way, the most comprehensive study to date in the subject of second hand smoke causing cancer found no evidence of a link!
  11. There were no respondents in this study. The study assumes money, health, freedom and some other factors are responsible for happiness. So they just looked at these criteria. Another study which just asked respondents how happy they were, ranked Thais as the happiest people. Happiness is a mindset and partly a choice. Outside factors certainly can influence it, but are not solely responsible. Brain scans from Buddhist monks show they can get into an extremely happy state just by certain meditation techniques. furthermore I think a lot of unhappiness comes from seeing others having more than oneself, and also wanting that but cannot afford it or attain it.
  12. Ice masses in Greenland and the Antarctic have a massive gravitational pull. So if they melt and as a result the average sea level rises, levels nearby would fall and levels further away would rise more than the average. So apart from direct observations of the ice sheet thickness and size near the poles, the first clues to a global rising sea level are lower sea levels in places like Northern Europe and Newfoundland. An average 2 degree warmer climate and associated melting of Greenland and the associated global sea level increase, would result in a massive economic boom (more fertile land and longer growing season) to Northern Europe and North America. There are no signs the South Pole is melting, so all the extra water from the north would flow in that direction. The result is significant problems for Africa, South America, South Asia and Oceania. If the Southpole also starts to melt, the countries around the equator would have immense problems.
  13. The miserable country index was based on questioning the citizens how they rate their happiness. This UN study makes assumptions that certain criteria are responsible for happiness. They haven't actually asked the people how they feel. So you get different results. Ask a Thai if he is happy, and in general you get a positive answer. Ask a foreigner and they are generally more critical of their own country. Ask a foreigner in Thailand, and most will say Thailand is shit and the people cant possibly be happy. I don't know which study should be regarded higher. But one thing is for sure; Ignorance is bliss.
  14. The three things I hate most: 1) Me and him went to... in stead of He and I went to... 2) insert the word 'like' when it has zero meaning. 3) would of... instead of would have...
  15. I'm 'on Samui' as it is an island implies that I'm 'in the mainland' whenever I take the ferry to Donsak... Using in or on has no logical reason to it. I ride on the bus and on the train, but in the car.