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  1. Why not just have her do a border run with her Thai passport. Then she will be in the country as Thai.No need to fly out.
  2. read the whole thing. this is max over 20years
  3. Donot panic guys this may never happen read this it explains it a little New excise tax ceiling rates have been passed into law after they were published in the Royal Gazette on Monday. The rates set tax levels for the next 20 years and are enforceable in the next 180 days, however, the head of the Excise Department said on Tuesday some 80 other laws would have to be enacted in order for the new amendments to be used to set % increases. Several examples of the new ceiling excise tax rates include: A single cigarette – 5 baht A litre of beer – 3,000 baht A litre of carbonated soft drinks – 20 baht A litre of diesel – 20 baht A single service at a massage parlour – 1,000 baht A square metre of space in a nightclub – 1,000 baht As I mentioned the other day, no need to panic about sharp increases as those outlined above are the maximum increases over the next two decades. 5 baht for a single cigarette would see 100 baht added to a pack of 20 – that isn’t happening in one go, nor is the 1,000 baht for a massage or any of the others in the new bill. When will we see an actual tax increases? Likely by the end of the year but not at those rates above, that’s for sure. This is more a scare tactic so they can raise the VAT and try to look good
  4. Who thinks they will be back on the next boat.
  5. Seems to me as an outsider non American, that anti Trump is made up of thugs,looters and criminals in general. When antiTrump people protest they riot ,loot and cause general violent behavior. When pro Trumps have a rally to show support anti Trump thugs show up and start violence. Perhaps anti Trump do not want a better America. Anti Trumps appear to lean towards violence and criminal activity. Could that be representative of Democrat attitude? The more this unfolds the more it mirrors Thailand with how Democratics deal with things,all ever the world.Trump seems to be the Thaksin American style.
  6. So there we are as this quote shows. The problem is not illegals it is their employers. Are the farms even owned by Americans? Or are they foreign owned? Slaves are history but hiring illegal immigrants at very low wages is ethical. Real immigrants who are legal would probably do this work even as low paid as it is. Anyone who tries to rationalize illegal immigrant labour in my humble opinion is a closet slave advocate. America is not about labour abuse and does not need to be abusive to labour to prosper. Labour made America and companies need to respect and support that.
  7. If I was American I would feel exactly the same as you. Who knows there may be bus loads in the future. Once in Canada I hope they get deported. One time cost instead of welfare families for eternity.
  8. Perhaps he is not talking about the past. Maybe he referring the direction America shall take from here forward.Every one has past. Some learn from.their past
  9. I am with you that they leave voluntarily, but and that is a big but I wish they would go some where other than Canada,perhaps their home country.
  10. I think you are just happy to see them gone. Am I right?
  11. Why do some people keep saying the obvious. We all understand the reasoning behind immigration,that is not the issue. So why go on about it. The issue is illegal immigrants. There is vast difference between legal and illegal. I feel most people embrace legals and want them to prosper in a country that supports all legal citizens to have a rich and full life. Where as illegals are illegal and should go back home and show some backbone and work to make change for the better. Or go through the legal process to immigrate. Just got this Trump quote from his trip to boeing plant pretty well says what must be done. By the way many of the Americans that may get work came as legal immigrants "This is our mantra: buy American, and hire American."
  12. I hope Canada deports them.We do not need or want the problems .
  13. Like I stated already it never ceases me how people can argue in support of illegals. Any hillbilly from Oaklahoma could do the work they do for cheap. Americans can lift things carry things and sweep floors. This work being done by illegals can be done by any healthy person. Get rid of them and employers would be forced to hire Americans to do work in their own country..Or would doing the right thing cut into profits of the greedy employer.
  14. It amazes me the arquements people use to defend illegal immigrants. From what I can see as a non American is that all illegals do is use and abuse privilege well in their host country. The cheap day labour hired in Walmart parking lots work for tax free dollars,thus contributing nothing well undercutting American labour that would be taxed labour. They spend their tax free dollars on items purchased in backstreets from pickups,vans etc that sell stolen items. The stolen items are in all likelyhood stolen by illegals.. Looks to me like all illegals do is use and abuse.If Americans had any pride they would organize neighbourhood report illegals gruops. The only problem with that would be that the people in those neighbourhood repoort groups would probably be threatened,attacked and their families would live in fear of illegal,s hurting them.The illegals probably would use violence to stop anything that could affect them.
  15. You sure like that word analysis. Is that the new buzz word to put other's on the defence? You are absolutely right his rants do concur with my world view. That is not a problem is it. No one here has to prove anything to any one else in the forum. And for people to demand it is in my humble opinion juvenile and aggressive It appears you seem to be of the mind the horses have to be out of the barn before you will admit the door should have been closed. And in all likelyhood you would hinder all who try to close the door before it happened. Either that or you are just to brilliant and intelligent to be in forum of such mortal's. Must be painful for you to even waste your valuable time here. I can only hope you can find a forum with members who are at your esteem high level and can actively communicate with you.. So it appears I must please ask you to take your fight somewhere else. Where your level of questions can be answered. Perhaps try a political science form. Or a Swedish government sight that issue's updates on immigration policy.