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  1. "...announcements by the Interprovincial Transport Van Association that it will suspend operations from April 1 onward..." This might lead to a spike in the population, and a nice respite for emergency room workers at the local hospitals.
  2. "Thailand's military government is working on a law to help regulate Buddhism..." And here I thought that Buddhism was "regulated" by the teachings of Buddha, and the paths his followers would take in order to achieve enlightenment. This is the naive observation one would expect from a foolish, non Buddhist Farang. Will someone please describe Thai Buddhism to me in a few short sentences?
  3. "... demanded that officials involved in the alleged extrajudicial killing of a young Lahu activist be immediately transferred out of the area to prevent any intimidation of witnesses." As though that would prevent their colleagues from intimidating the witnesses. As we have seen from numerous police departments, all over the world, East, West, North, South, you cover for your partners, because the next time it might by your ass that needs to be protected.
  4. "Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has made an exasperated rant against the Thai people for disobeying traffic rules." I find it amazing that he narrowed it down to Thais disobeying traffic rules, when It appears that they disobey just about any rule and law when it applies to them personally. Including, the laws of nature. And with no institutional body to actively enforce laws, rules and regulations, all is ranting is falling upon deaf ears.
  5. “…Thailand has so far been the leader in promoting solar power in large utility-scale applications with government subsidies.” Oh NOOO!!! Just look at what they've done with electricity. If they can't understand the concept of grounding, how can they be expected to master solar energy? Please don't let Thailand have anything to do with the sun. If anyone can destroy it, it is Thailand.
  6. "THE UPPER North continues to suffer from haze, although it stemmed mainly from many fires in neighbouring Myanmar, a senior official said yesterday." I didn't realize that I was living on the Myanmar border, since every night I see the mountainsides surrounding me glowing with fire. Once again Thailand plays the innocent victim and refuses to admit its part in this yearly assault on the health of its northern citizens. As though its "urging" to stop the burning has been a roaring success.
  7. "Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged Thais to be proud of 'a stairway to success' " OK...That takes care of those whose families are wealthy and influential enough to buy their way to success. What about those who lack those resources and are passed over in favor of the Hi Sos, even if they are more qualified for the position?
  8. "Almost all of the country’s regional corruption courts will be opened next month..." I sure would like to have the contract to install the revolving doors in those courts.
  9. "...due to its proximity to a sports hub." Whoa!!!! We don't want your hub infringing on one of our hubs. We are the nation of hubs. Find you own stupid moniker.
  10. "A father of three kicked a 77 year old monk in the head after he got cross for not giving him some decent food to eat." Not that surprising, since it appears that many monks are spending more time acquiring those material items they were supposed to have renounced, than teaching the wisdom of Buddha.
  11. They are driving high speed autos using an ox cart driving mentality. That's the big problem here. Their lack of progress in driving matches that of domestic violence, entitlement of the the haves, and their archaic education system. The law says you have to "look". It doesn't say you have to see what is approaching. For them, "looking" is the end and not the means for a further action. I drive at very slow speeds and anticipate that there is some idiot coming from a side road or street. No matter how slow I drive, there is always some imbecile who pulls out in the middle of the road and then looks to see if someone is approaching. Which might have been the case in the situation in question. Worked great when an ox cart was traveling at 2 km. an hour. The same goes for making the turn and never speeding up, in anticipation of the wooden cart turning over. Unfortunately they haven't progressed beyond that technology. They have no concept that they are driving a vehicle with 4 wheel suspension that wont' turn over if they are going more than 10 km/h.
  12. Doesn't matter. Even at slower speeds the crash would have occurred. He made the U-turn without looking at oncoming traffic, and was traveling ridiculously slow. If he had made the turn at a respectable speed (faster than a turtle) the crash might have been avoided altogether. Even if the other driver was traveling at 200 km/hr, the guy making the U-turn should have seen him approaching at that speed, if he had been looking up the road in the first place. Yes, he might have been driving at a dangerous speed, and somewhere down the road a crash could have been his fault alone, but not in this case. This is a culture where the wealthy and entitled do get away with murder. However, this is not one of those situations.
  13. "Thai tourism personnel should urgently improve competency and English language skills to meet Asean standards in order to increase their job opportunities..." They seem to be doing perfectly fine with "I wuv you foewer". I don't think they could increase that opportunity any more without breaking their backs. However, I never heard of them being called "Thai tourism personnel" before. Considering these might be the most proficient speakers of English in Thailand not in corporate management positions, I doubt they would leave their present jobs to teach English and receive a giant pay reduction in an archaic education system, be looked down upon and be abused by the dinosaurs running that system. Once again, I read the word "should" as though that will magically change things without a well thought out and implemented program to achieve the desired results.
  14. “New stricter laws to boost public transport van safety” Somehow, I'd feel a lot safer if the headline read: "New stricter law enforcement."
  15. "Yesterday, as the Ormsin saga reached its sad end, Dr Nantarika repeated her call for people to stop tossing coins into ponds or animal shelters, so that other animals do not suffer a similar fate." What!!!??? And miss out on a chance of winning the lottery, finding a pot of gold, or any other quick get rich fantasies based on having good luck which takes the place of honest hard work. Perhaps if they placed "real" education over superstitions, they would be more satisfied with their lives. I would also ad, to follow the teachings of Buddha would achieve the same results, but we've seen how they've turned that philosophy around to meet their own selfish needs. Too bad innocent turtles have to die for this ignorant BS.