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  1. I've lost count...which generation government is the current one....
  2. Just demolishing a temporary erection.
  3. Clearly, the stroke of his pen is of great service to the nation.
  4. This is just a first step....next step would be a Super Duper Board™ ....
  5. No 4 hours compulsory politeness training course this time?
  6. I have just spent the afternoon at a beach road dugout watching the cat-and-mouse games between Little Brown Flirting Mynas and those migratory Greater Potbellied Hogs.
  7. Good idea, but 100 girls won't be enough.
  8. Someone, please inform Animal Planet, National Geographic, etc.
  9. Now comes the difficult part.....teaching that old dog some new tricks.
  10. I hope they build a huge mall on that property with nice toilets and all. Package tours can stop there to take a dump before heading to 7-11.
  11. It's possible, she wanted to be ready just in case a coffee mug was thrown at her.