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  1. Because yelling "yokklongthorathart" might take some time.....
  2. GoodPeople™ condo or land plot prices sure to go up with this "beautification" program. Next step, building khlong-side promenades to link up with ChaoPhraya promenade.
  3. I'd go crazy too if my parents named me Selma.
  4. Does she give private lessons? I need to brush up on my calculus.
  5. He's lucky he was not convicted....otherwise he would be looking at 75 years on the inside.
  6. The man is truly a genius. He deserves all the credit he can get.
  7. Does this mean I have to reconsider my business plan to export golden showers in spray cans from Thailand?
  8. How about skipping the soapy to opt straight for a happy ending? Is that tax-free?
  9. There were others? One must simply stop frying pork balls and stand-down when that happens. Brakes on her flip-flops failed?
  10. I'm going to watch out for it on BBnB - bed bugs 'n' buddhists.
  11. I bet he's regretting not allowing that mirror shoved under his car.