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  1. As these people where involved in illegal business in Pattaya over many years it would have been better if the local police had not turned a 'blind eye ' and arrested these villains years ago .If not ordered to do so by Interpol these villains would still be on the streets of Pattaya
  2. never considered Spec savers until i try and read the tiny print on the Thai Visa menu page.What happened?
  3. City hall love a parade and will again cause traffic mayhem on the busiest road in Pattaya to have a parade to please a few dozen Micks living in Pattaya .Certainly 99.9% of Thais parading would not have a clue about St Patrick and why would they.
  4. usufrunct is a good secure legal way to protect your investment regarding a joint investment with a Thai partner.You probably have a concern hence your inquiry.The cost is reasonable to ensure your absolute protection and peace of mind .
  5. Happy hunting and Bon Appetite
  6. I used to be a dog lover before i came to Thailand .Over the years i have had to change the route of my morning exercise many times because of vicious dogs . I was once attacked and bitten .Anti rabies shots and daily dressing of my wounds followed for some weeks. People who are outraged by any attempts at culling and removing packs of soi dogs are misguided in the extreme.
  7. How long is a piece of string ? I have traveled to Yala and Kota Buru .On the train that particular day there where armed guards. Obviously the risks are greater but traveling alone i had no problem and most people very friendly.
  8. it looks more like a strangle hold head lock than a handshake
  9. I quite agree with you .Quite rare and a pleasant change to have some background facts to back up a post on a particular topic
  10. He changed the 100 us at only 33.0 baht instead of 34 .50 +++ .So if it had been real he was doing the cheating .Som nom nar
  11. Your possessions pre marriage are quite safe .Assuming nothing illegal regarding your signature .See the current case of BBC reporter Jonathan Head. However If you sold the condo after marriage and purchased a new one that would be post marriage and subject to 50/50 split on divorce . Don't forget as most foreigners do her possessions are also subject to 50/50 purchased in her name or jointly after marriage Although there are some adverse comments about mistrust on tv you are quite correct in checking your legal position and more foreigners should do this preferably prior to marriage.
  12. I watched the movie about Eddie the eagle with Hugh Jackman the other day . Quite enjoyed it worth a look
  13. There are four prices at private hospitals 1 Price for Foreigner 2 Price for Thai 3 price if you have insurance 4 price without insurance
  14. Arnie was as poor a governor in politics as he was on the Apprentice .Poor excuse for the low ratings .Jumped before he was fired.