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  1. Plenty to criticize with Israeli policy, but no, as one who is old enough, I see neither parallels to Nazi ideology nor any evidence of ethnic cleansing, the claim that invalidates the UN report.
  2. From what I find online the current difference between Bangkok Bank and Superrich is 40 sataang. If both were within walking distance I would walk to Superrich. But if the bank was within walking distance and Superrich was not I would not hesitate to exchange at the bank all other considerations being equal. Happy Trails
  3. I have found that the differences between any of the money exchanges and banks tends to be measured in sataang and not in baat. Thus, for me, convenience outweighs exchange rates for amounts in the $1,000 range. But I go to Superrich, or its local competitor, before my local bank because I can get in and out in a few minutes whereas my local bank it can easily take up to 30 minutes. Now if I was exchanging serious amounts of money then I would shop around for the best rate.
  4. In my neck of the woods in the US it is not the insurance companies behind the traffic cams but the municipalities and the great funder of the companies that run these camera operations, Goldman Sachs. It only cost about $10,000 to install a camera and, to simplify matters, let's say the fine is $100. The municipality splits the money with the operator. So the operator received $50 per incident and pays for the install after only 200 tickets. At only one ticket per day the operator pays for the original investment of hardware after only six months. Where I am at,the average camera tickets 10 incidents per day and the fine is $125. Goldman-Sachs knows a goldmine when they see one. Insurance companies here are only marginally impacted here as they are usually not able to raise rates as it is not registered as a "moving violation". But here in the US most tickets are issued to very good law abiding drivers for trivial offenses such as going 25mph in a 20mph school zone when no children are present or not coming to a complete stop, AKA California stop, at a red light; trivial in the sense that there are trivial numbers of accidents resulting from such "offenses". In Thailand there are far greater numbers of drivers who are just bad drivers combined with a police force that is loath to stop cars so perhaps using these cameras is a good thing.
  5. It is akin to judging a policeman for murder for making a bad decision. We arm police and we arm soldiers and then send them into situations that we ourselves avoid. We attempt to train them but often the outcomes are not what was desired. The system failed as much as the individual. Justice is not served by placing the entire onus on the individual. As for the signal, the signal remains clear that there will be consequences unless you think 18 months in prison is inconsequential. I imagine the threat of 30 days in jail is enough to modify most actions of posters here.
  6. I suggested you ride a CRF as my map shows an unpaved section north of the 4059, north of Wang Kaew. Double check over at the GT-Rider website and get the GT-Rider map of the area. I have never heard of anyone heading north at Wang Nua on the 120 to get anywhere, but new paved roads are always being built, so maybe there is now such an option.
  7. Yes, quite the imposition to require some critical thinking when reading something linked online such as who are the authors, what is the source, and actually reading the "about us" page on a website. Because we all know that there is so little difference between say the BBC and Breitbart for those unwilling to be critical in their thinking. Happy Trails
  8. What a wonderful distraction to deflect attention away from the looting of the nation by the ruling oligarchy, including Trump. Wait until he lowers taxes on corporations such as he himself owns under the lie that this will expand the economy. And after this immigration brouhaha subsides it will be guns, or abortions, or where transgendered can piss. Anything other subject other than a focus on the class war against labor and the rest of the middle class. Happy Trails
  9. How do you folks expect to grow a fruit that has a soft skin, grows at ground level, and is attractive to just about any pest imaginable? Unless a strawberry is certified organic one can assume it contains toxic chemicals. Fortunately most of us don't really eat that many strawberries and, living near Samoeng where strawberry fields seem to go on forever,, most of the Thai strawberries are just too easy to decline. Happy Trails
  10. Proud to be called a snowflake by these cornflakes. Happy Trails
  11. Schultz, the traitor who sold the Sonics, deserves an ignominious end. Who he hires is irrelevant. Several times a year I enjoy pissing on the wall of his Madison Park estate. Locally in the Seattle area we call his establishments "Charbucks". Happy Trails
  12. From 76th place to 101st place!?! Chaiyo....Chaiyo....Chaiyo!!! Happy Trails
  13. Personalities like Trump are the bread and butter of intelligence professionals like Putin. Putin was handling Trumps when he was still a low ranking KGB agent. Happy Trails
  14. Pattaya is already a sanctuary city for the losers, criminals, and assorted other scumbags fleeing their lives in the west. Happy Trails
  15. There seem to be two leading correlations with deforestation. One is the presence of a Royal project , often near a Mong village, with an increase in intensification of vegetable farming. The other is the intensification of corn growing monoculture. The Royal projects trend towards agricultural diversity and now often include organic farming practices. But to put into perspective, Thailand is not doing anything different than western countries such as the US and Europe in replacing forests with crop production. Happy Trails