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  1. It looks like there is a lot pension activity on Wednesday in the House of Commons so tune in on Thursday and see whats transpired.
  2. The comment section is truly appalling to the issue, I wonder if they were to feel the same if your pension was decided by you resided in the UK, London weighting bring back any memories? Corbyn for all his faults does see the injustice and if he can muster enough support to make pension paid the same wherever you decide to live well I take my hat off to him. Whatever I think and you say it all speculation, we must wait and hope for good outcome next week, keep watching Hansard for when it takes place. What we need is a debate and vote and for it not be talked out and I gather that the MP's pensions have been scaled down somewhat so lets hope we have a sympathy vote coming our way.
  3. I wonder if they will be used on the Pattaya to Hua Hin ferry route? Special prices on the conning tower! We need to get a return on our investment a sailor was quoted as saying.
  4. Well what do you or I know!! Jeremy Corbyn is bringing a debate to the House next week supported by Roger Gale and various other MPs to have expat Overseas Pensions un frozen!! This seem to have blown onto the stage with the 472,000 UK pensioners in the EU and what to do with regard to their pensions and the UK leaving the EU. The article is there for all to read in the Daily Mail's Money section............www, Let us hope that it is a successful outcome for us all.
  5. The history of all political parties is support the expat pensioners cause whilst in opposition only to change their stance once they get into power so although this good news we will have to wait and see and that might be a long time, Labour wont win the next election and the one after that is 8 years away!
  6. Will they have the new X-RAY machines on board?
  7. I have a brilliant idea! Reduce the tax on beer and spirits by 50% for anyone with a Thai Id card or droving licence. Now if you dont have one then you pay 100% more than the price you thought you were going to pay + VAT ( govt cut ) + bar fine ( landlords cut ). The world is full of tourists queuing up to come and experience Thainess.
  8. On target for a HUB here I think.
  9. Lottery tickets are now 80 bts this is a great success story, the people are happy, but they still dont win! By the way is the roadmap on Google maps?
  10. American interest rates have just gone up, the Queen has signed the bill for the UK to leave the EU and although the BOE monetary committee has left interest rates as they are one member voted to raise them and the pound has moved up slightly. With inflation in the UK on the rise the pressure for a rate rise is mounting which will be good for the pound and good for our exchange rates. lets hope we have passed the bottom of the trough and are on our way back. It is also helpful that "Wee Jimmie Kranky" will not get a referendum vote and we can go straight into the withdrawal from the EU talks and the smoke begins to clear.
  11. Thailand to target Antarctica for quality tourists!
  12. I want to experience dual pricing and the traditional sport of paying bar fines, this could be for me! I am also into extreme sports and up for a bit of high speed bus journey with ravine jumping thrown in followed by race the driver to the safe house. Another traditional pass time is fly tipping, I would like to see this first hand as its almost died out where I live. No doubt there will be WTTC reps to guide around and give me all the best tips.
  13. The Brexit Bill has passed through Parliament, whilst we wait for the Queens cross we also watch the exchange rate and see what happens, hoping for the arrow to go north.
  14. Did you ever wonder what happened to Jimmie Krankie? Fell down a porridge mine and returned as 1st Monster, I mean minister sorry!
  15. I see the National Living wage is going up to 7.50 an hour from next month, jolly good news for who? What is an average working week now, 35 hours? Thats 262.50 a lot more than my pension and likely yours as well, so I can only reason that UK Pensioners and a living wage are somewhat detached, almost all UK pensioners must be living on an amount less than the LIving Wage, how can that be? How can that be right? How can a Government and society have allowed this to happen? And whilst the National Living Wage will no doubt increase with each year that goes by its apparently acceptable for Pensioners who choose to move abroad to certain destinations not increase their pensions, how can that be justified?