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  1. The family of the dead officer should not have accepted 300,000 Baht, they should have sued him for millions of dollars.
  2. Was the Red Bull heirs car seized after killing a cop and fleeing the country.
  3. Russia=Cambodia kill the opposition.
  4. Yes there is one, pay me 15,000 Baht a month and I will live with you.
  5. Both can be highly addictive and can kill you.
  6. I also was under the impression that home visits were for extensions based on marriage.
  7. There is no extreme in Thailand.
  8. Bring back the heroin of the 70's, there will be no madness.
  9. Asleep, another reason to legalize speed. When it was legal to buy in drug stores we did not see the carnage on the roads that we do now. Yes I know there is more traffic now.
  10. I would like to know more about the pigeon.