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  1. Pattaya has always been the 'city of the snatch' .... so nothing's changed there.
  2. I am looking for a builder/contractor to prepare a 5m X 3m base for an above ground pool. Clear and flatten ground. Add around 10cm of concrete base with rebar and then tiles. Must be strong and level. A good quality job at a reasonable price needed. We are in Koh Kaew. Thanks.
  3. Thinking ahead a little as I still have a few months left on my one year multi-entry visa. Last year I renewed in Savannaket, Lao PDR. Thai consulate was great. I was the only person there, paperwork was checked quickly, no proof of funds was asked for, and I picked up the one year visa the following morning. I am planning to do the same run this year - probably mid December. However, last year I booked into a cheap hotel and it was awful so I am looking for something better next time. Last year I also caught the VIP night bus from Savannaket to Vientiane - now that was quite an experience! Has anyone done the Savan Vegas visa run yet? If so, please share your experience. Thanks