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  1. If security analysts are correct the military defeat of ISIS / al Qaeda i.e. Salifi motivated groups will not bring about the cessation of Islamist terror attacks in the West and elsewhere. In fact analysts are forecasting the West will face ongoing challenges from Islamist extremist terrorism for decades as will other regions. Let's hope the analysts are incorrect, but for the moment it doesn't seem that any group/s are able to identify and implement lasting solutions to remove the threat in the near term.
  2. I do wish that members would cease nonsense (vilification) posts such as the above. Khan has repeatedly condemned terrorism, stood by the people of London and so on. It is easy to confirm Khan views so why carry on with your ignorant comments, same applies to the member who 'liked' your post.
  3. Obviously not if you take the volume of poisonous far right rhetoric on TV as a yardstick
  4. 'Attacking' has a number of definitions and in this age includes trolling
  5. So you are aware of the warnings from the professionals - so why are you attacking the poster who essentially said vilification is not constructive and potentially increases risk in the community.
  6. Nick Ferrari is a verbose anti Muslim bigot interviewing an anonymous 'police officer, who by the way does not make claims of no go areas for Met Police.
  7. One can only assume you have never read or heard from counter-terrorism specialist / security spokespeople who always advise derogatory / far right commentary etc is not helpful, in fact counter productive in their efforts to reduce the risks of Islamic terrorism.
  8. The killer was not born into the Islamic faith, but a convert.
  9. The text of May's speech is provided below & ends with the words... "never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart" The final phrase address exactly what you & a number of others on this forum do with your constant stream of negativity and divisive commentary. Media reports are now claiming the murderer as English born Adrian Elms, who converted to Islam.
  10. Is not the self claimed primary aim of ISIS to accelerate the apocalyptic Sunni Islamic vision for the End of Times. In the meantime the overthrow of the corrupt M.E. dictatorships to install the mid 18th century Salafi version of Islam re-established by the original political thinker which led to the creation of al Qaeda.
  11. A simple Google search will prove you are lying. e.g. "Muslims march against terror"
  12. Incorrect. Why not wait until the police have publicly identified the killer.
  13. You should hang your head in shame for posting outright lies about TV members when such a tragedy has occurred in your home country. Other presumably UK nationals quoting from and linking to false news misinformation - disgusting behaviour - especially in the immediate aftermath of a mass murder terrorist event.
  14. Why are you making false accusations in this time of grief? Do you really believe it's constructive to post false news nonsense immediately after a terror attack?; refer below... Condolences for the murdered and injured and their loved ones. Personally I have no doubt UK police will deal with this incident in a professional manner.