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  1. On Saturday there was a whole family sitting in front of me in the grandstand and they all had sidestand tickets.
  2. Grandstand was full of locals who got free tickets.
  3. So you are the expert now? It was in fact a Yamaha XJR 1200. I knew the guy and I knew the bike.
  4. I always do that and I don't carry a gun. I am hoping to educate them by doing this. Never had a car or van chase me because of it.
  5. Motorbikes were never allowed on the Bhumibol bridges, but I have never seen police there or have been stopped.
  6. RedQualia, they actually do sell the latest Norton in Thailand, at 1.4 million baht. And there are new Triumph dealers in Bangna, Lopburi and Pitsanulok.
  7. Sure it was a Baja and not an AX-1 ? Never seen a Baja in Thailand before.
  8. Not sure what you are getting at here.
  9. Running your headlights means using fuel. So the less they are on, the more you save on fuel.
  10. If you are only here to talk about how it was all better in the olden days, and you have given up riding bikes completely, I suggest you refrain from posting in this part of the forum, there is enough negativity here already. Now go and enjoy your sportscar and talk about how great it is in the car part of the forum. Good luck to you.
  11. Triumphs don't have tubed tires then?
  12. If you actually click on the colour button, you'll find the black one is 395,000 and the blue one is 376,000.
  13. People who have an interest in a W800 most likely have no interest in a CB650F and vice versa, completely different styles.
  14. They are at the motorshow too. Problem is that these bikes aren't compliant to EURO4, so they can still be sold here, but not in other parts of the world. Does anyone know what the difference is between the normal and the black edition? Apart from the colour obviously. Seems a bit ridiculous to pay 20K baht more for a bit of paint.
  15. You are referring to the old importer of KTM, they lost the rights, there is a new player in town and they mean business, showrooms are all at A-Square at the end of Sukhumvit 26, near Rama 4.