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  1. Thank you. I tried to contact the Lancer owner but I think he has already left Thailand. The other vehicles are good buys but not close to CM.
  2. Where should I go to buy a cheap car just to run around Chiang Mai? Have tried the various sites and plenty out there just not in CM. Are there any big car yards that specialise in the lower end of the market? Any advice gratefully received.
  3. You are only posting your experience at Jomtien immigration to make the expats in Chiang Mai weep.
  4. Do they mean Rajavej Hospital? Surely it couldn't happen there.
  5. In Australia's SAS the parachute packers had to jump with the men whose chutes they packed and the packer had his chute selected for him by another soldier - it kept their mind focused on the job. Might be the way to go in Thailand.
  6. I think Transferwise is an excellent service. My modest stipend from Australia has increased by several thousand baht since I stopped the bank to bank method and used Transferwise.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I looked it up, sounds great and I will try it. Have driven past hundreds of times. Too busy driving to notice - driving and sightseeing is not a good idea in Chiang Mai.
  8. I read your headline so knew you were talking about Australian dollars. That amount should comfortably see you through 15 months if you have no health or bar girl problems.
  9. Recently I noticed the cost of my laundry was rising considerably. I didn't get angry but told the woman I was thinking of buying a washing machine. The next week the laundry dropped back to the old price.
  10. Get onto Line and make your calls for free. 003 is a good dial out number for international calls on AIS.
  11. Please close it.
  12. For those who think depression is the domain of drug addicts and parasites I would like to point out that President Lincoln at 33 suffered depression so severe that his friends took all the knives, razors, and other dangerous things from his room. He told them he was more than willing to die. Winston Churchill also suffered badly from depression which he referred to as his black dog.
  13. According to the Mayo Clinic, recognised as the US's number 1 hospital, it's not known exactly what causes depression. As with many mental disorders, a variety of factors may be involved, such as biological differences, brain chemistry and hormones, they state. If you have any other research results relating to depression perhaps you should send them to the Mayo.
  14. A frighteningly few callous people responding to this story. I just hope for them that they, or anyone they love, don't end up suffering from depression.
  15. Take them to Wiang Kum Kam which was King Mengrai's original capital before flooding forced him to move to CM's present site. They can see the ruins from a horse drawn carriage or ride bicycles.