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  1. It was probably a large and soft pillow. Just as well she had the weapon and feisty family members, or we may have been reading about the murder of a Thai woman by another drunk Thai man.
  2. Bravo for the women in that family. He had a lucky escape with just superficial cuts.
  3. He said it was all one big misunderstanding. He had seen the widow earlier in the day and she had ignored him, he claimed. So after drinking heavily until midnight he went to see her to ask why she would not speak to him." Had he not been drinking perhaps romance may have followed?
  4. "Present government in Thailand, don't kow-tow to the folks up north,..." I'm glad you cleared that up, thanks.
  5. Guess he made it back from Melbourne after Verstappen's (Red Bull) 5th place disappointment at F1 season opener.
  6. I apologize, I just noticed my "cynical" gauge was turned off.
  7. If the total cost for 2 subs is 36 billion baht, with a 3rd sub thrown in as a deal closer, it makes sense that each sub (2) is 18 billion baht each x 2 =36billion. Not 1.8 billion as the story mistakenly says. The conning has been done in the towers of Beijing and Bangkok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CITflXBCjE
  8. Perhaps when she's paid a simple fine, she can try this version of the loris.
  9. You think too much. He's second generation Canadian from Winnipeg, his grandparents immigrated to Canada from Haiti in the 1950s.
  10. "I love the OP picture....looks like three half Thai, half farang HiSo kids with one long haired farang girl thrown in happily complying with the revised seat belt law ...or should I say the Section 44 dictate." You have a good imagination, but in reality they are four young Canadian people out in daddy's left hand drive SUV, minivan and all of them completely oblivious to Section 44 and all that it entails. As good road users, they comply with seat belt regulations because penalties for failure to "buckle up" are severe and expensive.. https://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Rd-Safety/Occupant-Protection/Seatbelts/Pages/seatbelts.aspx
  11. Actually, he seems to be quite accurate, since it is one of Carabao Bands classic songs. http://carabaoinenglish.com/song-translations/ganja
  12. Looks like the victim is with a westerner, so I hope they push the cops to do all they can to catch these low lifes. These thieves are quite clearly shown and I assume there is some way they can be traced through immigration CTV records?
  13. I also have worked on heavy haul Loco's, 200 in length. So, presumably, like me, you are an ex railroader? Heavy -haul? Australia?