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  1. when there's 2 feet of snow in Poughkeepsie.... in the middle of March.... I'd have to say maybe the past isn't a good way to predict the future anymore.... and that that might include the Rainy Season at some point..... as well as ice sheets in West Antarctica.... but the Chao Phraya dam seems to be on a tipping point right now... in 2017... not 2090.
  2. some officers want to see... from the account info in front of them..... that you are not working.... that's always key. if you are not spending from your "Big" account maybe you are up to something more than just being retired... makes sense.
  3. China militarizing? maybe it's a Chinese hoax. along with Climate Change..... in 2090. but ****Abrupt**** Climate Change.... that's a different thing.
  4. don't need Ian Bremmer on this....Trump.... the first lame duck while still in his First 100 Days.... next? the 20 trillion US dollar debt limit.... last agreed to in 2015. 20,000,000,000,000 US dollahs already spent. each of those last zeroes are impossible to get wrap our arms fully around... even for Sapiens... with our chimpanzee arms. time's up. it's time to deal with a real problem. not fake ones. in Baht this one is 720,000,000,000,000. almost a quadrillion. get used to saying it. a quad. and 80,000,000 WW2 Baby Boomers counting on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.... like I said.... get ready to talk in "quads". THIS generation, mine, is both sexes. it MUST be financed somehow.... by someone..... Bank of Thailand... get ready to buy more US Treasuries... lots. lots and lots and lots. you ain't got no choice forward..... you made your choice in the past... now at the best you can do is stay the course. Cheap baht? exports. TOURISM. TOURISM TOURISM...... this has George Soros 'written all over it'.... but on a slightly different side of the trade this time maybe. yes? don't believe it? same ol same ol. then you really won't like George Soros. blah blah blah.... talk talk talk. but George doesn't just talk.
  5. add on top of everything else.... demographics they will need to ****seriously**** raise land taxes to pay for the health care schemes.... not as far off as they say.... or don't say at all... and demographics also means 'they ain't making land anymore' becomes you can't take it with you + neither can anyone else. being fungible will rule the day.... more and more. and getting some kind of real return while you spend it down... instead of paying a tax.... that's what equities are about. the Swiss get it. that one ain't anywhere near a bubble yet... and not locally either... although there are a few exceptions. of course.
  6. Bangkok was already inundated, last year. the dam on the Chao Phraya is releasing water to keep salt water intrusion from entering Bangkok tap water plants.... today. March 24, 2017. but that dam is below it's operating level. today. March 24, 2017. so if we're today at a tipping point... what would happen if a Larsen B at Larsen C led to a loss of as little as 10% of West Antarctica's ice sheet? that would be more than half a meter of sea level rise... within a few months.... that doesn't have to be 2090.
  7. we need to slow down. and not drink alcohol. it's not any more nuanced than that. ?
  8. Medicaid is flat out not sustainable... and not just funding wise. we don't even have enough physical resources for it... even if we conjure up more printed money... and his travel bans and language don't help at all either. I'm waiting for Ian Bremmer to make it ****official**** Trump has morphed into a lame duck while still in his first 100 Days. it's supposed to be the last couple of months, in 2020 or something? just a little ahead of schedule.
  9. not just about Thailand.... we do not appreciate how very important reading is. we even tend to think of it as "intellectual" rather than what it really is..... the most important social thing we do.... not the reading.... but putting yourself into someone else's head.. and then sharing what you learned. just one novel... Cry The Beloved Country.. required in New York in the 1970's... where the reader's surrogate is a black man. how do you read a book like that and not be changed at all? give me a break. but to never read at all? nor your family or friends? as it is for many Thai folks? that is really sad. it really is.
  10. everything on the emissions side is irrelevant.... there is a 10 to 40 year lag (just thinking about why there is such a spread is a wakeup call... not more evidence of some kind of Climate Conspiracy) between emissions of Co2 and it's effect on the biosphere.. mostly because of how the oceans behave and we ****already**** are seeing positive feedbacks that may soon dwarf "made made" emissions.. and we're not talking about "methane bombs"... just for instance an ice free Artic in most folks lifetimes (for some of the year). stop discounting ****why**** we put 1.5 right next to 2.0 in COP21. which everyone agreed to. veiling may mean much reduced global variation in ocean currents and wind patterns.. it would work like a giant pair of sunglasses.. and the monsoons.. and Rainy Season in SE Asia.. are driven by those variations. and that's the why of 1.5... which was silly.... but India.. our neighbor on the other side of the Bay.... wouldn't have signed on otherwise.
  11. not just that.... the lesson from California and the US western states.... if a drought is extended.. and temperatures above average... fires are not just easier to start.... they burn a lot FASTER... which is very dangerous.... and burn DEEPER into the soil so that much less than otherwise would naturally resurface does not do so for a long time. exponentially.... I'm pretty sure I have it all right on this as I know too many folks who live in forested areas.... and, of course, they poo poo this growing danger. that's what folks do.
  12. trees? there's a couple problems with that. VC money is real. that's what funding the negative emissions to scale thing. government's only fund basic research.... plus.. in many countries there is a demographic/public finance issue in play, is there not? it's VC money only now. but it does all ride on this. catch Bill Gates on it in the Q&A at Caltech a few months ago. this is why Trump does what he does (he ain't really that stupid). it worked (and still works) for him politically... but it doesn't really hurt the COP21 framework at all..... in reality (Donald knows why the Transit Cops are the 2nd or 3rd biggest police force in the USA... and what is lapping up along the sides of that slab of granite his Trump Tower sits on..... BELIEVE IT). economically. it's all VC and stuff like that. which also means not anything little people can, or need, to get in on. isn't that wonderful. it's also why Al Gore and DiCaprio like to focus us on Greenland.... always and only... but not Larsen C (and what Larsen B told us in 2002... and confirmed by the ACP in March of last year... and was under peer review while Obama and Gates were in closed door conference rooms at COP21).
  13. hey Thai visa .com!!!!! how about adding a "really really likes" button. I really really like this one! I guess maybe cause.... "even" in the USA.... we don't have banks anything like they have because of the money. and their central bank now holds a nice chunk of just about every stock listed in New York... with dollahs their central bank converted from francs conjured with negative ****nominal**** rates. that makes it really really hilarious. and those dollahs are so precious... for a little while longer. that's the biggest bet we will ever see. and just maybe why a real Central Bank decided to hold listed equities rather than US Treasuries? ahem..... Thailand?
  14. notice also that this is a problem for... oh my gosh!!!!!! tourism!!!!!!!! but everywhere else on planet Earth... English is important for lots of stuff.... even if your L1 is German Chinese Japanese or French.... let alone.... your L1 and maybe L2 also.... is a phonetically written language without even spaces between morphemes.... in a "culture" of functional illiteracy... just a coincidence. what we need is more teachers.. and more money..... really?