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  1. Its not against the law , much to my sadness I had to put my dog to rest just last week after 13 years of daily companionship . Our vet was very nice I was right there holding her when they did it . They kept her a few hours after and washed her and dressed her in the shirt she had come in with and placed her in a box for me ...
  2. I have lpg on my Nissan Sunny , no regrets ,
  3. Stupid hummmm not sure Im the one wearing that hat ....
  4. I would be interested we are looking to move to Hua Hin long term
  5. We surley can rely on the media to report the truth . They say it must be true . Stop with bs get on with business ,
  6. About all its good for is a substitute for certificate of residence . Also if the wife owns the house and your caught dipping the noodle , she cant just toss you out the front door . But you might not want to stay there anyway .........
  7. We re not concerned about schools dont mind being out in the county but would prefer closer in towards the beach ... But far enough away that were not dealing with the weekenders
  8. We are selling out of the smoke bowl up here . looking for a home to rent in Hua Hin long term, Want to stay under 15,000 a month prefer 3 beds 2 bath , but we can get by with two bedrooms. If you know of any send me a pm please looks like our time frame is around the 1st of May . If its like Chiang Mai best to come down ride around and look for signs , wife will do that soon .....
  9. I think they need to look at it as a 20 day vacation , uncover wrong doing and deceat , if they did hack dnc and uncover it I say send them a case of vodka
  10. Im not a drinker so if I m out with friends at the bar I pay for my water when it comes . Never an issue . Whats fun is going to a resturant with some of the wifes friends . They grab the menù order aĺl kinds of fòod when the bill comes they just sit there looking blank . Not all , we have other friends thai , that will sneak off and pay the bill before it gets to the table.
  11. Anyone know a car transort company that can take my car from Chiang mai to Hau Hin ?
  12. I did my marrage ext in Chiang mai yesterday . Including the 3 30 am get in line it took 11 hours .......
  13. Im just wondering if its worth going down there and try to talk to someone I have another friend his boxes are missing as well . Got to be something that can be done