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  1. 350 is the going rate in my condo but our cleaners are located on-site. Check with the local laundries in your building or nearby.
  2. Per the Condominium Act, "Co-owners who have payments overdue for the monetary payments required under Section 18 exceeding a six-month period shall be subject to a 20% per annum additional penalty and may risk having the supply of utilities stopped or may be prevented from accessing the common facilities as further prescribed in the condominium regulations. " It really depends on how aggressive your Condominium Association is in pursuing late payers. The Juristic Manager will not issue a debt letter if you want to sell so it is easier to turn off your utilities and wait rather than incurring expensive legal fees.
  3. The Nation article doesn't mention this or the Khaosod report by Pravit Rojanaphruk.
  4. I would also add to the above that voting privileges should be rescinded if common fees are not paid.
  5. Confusion, I thought you were historically referring to those directly responsible for this country's 19 coups.
  6. Connect the dots. Dictatorships throughout the world and history often try to justify their rule by claiming they are protecting the country from violent extremists. These are allegations remember, against an activist who has been on the run for three years already, was somehow storing an arms cache in his house (already under police surveillance) despite having fled the country long ago, and was planning to assassinate the prime minister from Laos? Conspiracy theory or common sense? How about 21 coups, more than any other nation in the world.
  7. I shop at Villa for only the items I can't get at Foodland or other places. For the basics and staples, as has been discussed on other threads, Villa and Foodmart (Jomtien) are the most places in town.
  8. Suggesting violence and running a radio station vs planting evidence...... tough choice. I condone violence but as you quoted he was willing to use arms against a military coup.... so a villain to some and a hero to others. The allegations in 2014 was Suthep and his mob, planned and self inflicted violence against their own protesters knowing Prayuth was waiting in the wings to save the day.
  9. So your suggestion to the OP is a trip to Phnom Penh..... now that would be an expensive meal. As mentioned, I found Osmos to be relatively inexpensive.
  10. Foodland is considerably less expensive than Villa and they have specials on the ends of the aisles so for me it is cheaper than Big C/Tesco. Like others, sitting at a counter smelling tourists armpits can be avoided, eat at a food hall if you want a cheap meal.
  11. Good news, welcome addition. Did you see a sign or a news report? Hope they will have free parking in the garage like Villa Market.
  12. The OP might try Osmos near the Soi Bua Khao market, lower end of the price scale, open air, been there twice but not recently. Momento is OK, nice setting by the pool, large portions, moderately priced but the staff not overly friendly. Nathan's in Jomtien, open air, good food and not that expensive. I've also had two nice meals at the French Garden, open air, and less expensive than Casa Pascal and Cafe des Amis.
  13. The authorities would never plant evidence, just ask the poor Burmese boys in the Koh Tao case.
  14. Obviously a false flag attack, of course, the pusilanimous Thai media and many gullible Thai and surprisingly some farang have fallen for it.
  15. Thank you for this General Prayuth..... please contact us, we have a public relations position waiting for you.