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Louvre Windows

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#1 wontok


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Posted 2007-11-25 16:51:09

Here in N Australia we use louvre windows to maximise air flow through houses, keep cool and reduce the need for aircon. Some houses have entire walls made of them and some have them in internal walls as well to keep the air moving. They are also relatively cheap to install and maintain, and it's simple to put a permanent, fixed flyscreen on the outside, avoiding the common Thai situation of having the flyscreen on the inside and having to open it and let the mozzies in order to adjust a casement window. As you can tell I'm a fan of these louvre things. We will be building outside Roi Et pretty soon now and would like to use them there. Those I have seen in Thailand are usually operated by winding a hand crank and use fairly thin strips of glass - maybe 75mm wide. I've also come across a few where the winding mechanism is u/s and the louvres cannot be moved at all. I am used to the lever operated louvres, usually aluminium, with larger panes - maybe 150mm wide, which can easily be replaced if they fail. Are these available in Thailand?

Thanks for a great forum - I have learned so much here.


#2 lopburi3


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Posted 2007-11-25 17:19:29

Have never seen wide strip type here but have not looked - the narrow type is the old style standard window in most homes and the screens are mounted inside (the window panes extend well outside) but don't normally have to be opened except to clean. These days almost everyone is getting rid of them here in Bangkok. They leak air and rain and the adjustment leavers (rack and pinion) quickly fail (at least of normal cheap windows). Most people in my village have changed to sliding bronze aluminum with tinted glass (as used in most hotels).

#3 MrSquigle


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Posted 2007-11-25 17:19:48

Yes they are, couple of companies do them, one being a Thai/Aust company, but their service sucks big time.

I was going to use them to do all the windows in my place, they could not organise themselves to come around and quote.

They also wanted a deposit before they did...duh...

Also a possible problem with lkouvres is the efficiency of aircon with them as they may not seal that well.


Might add that they were also expensive.

I have seen other companies with the louvre type that you want, using a lever type handle to open and close the windows.

#4 wontok


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Posted 2007-11-27 18:17:16

Thanks for your replies - I'll do some legwork and find suppliers when I'm in LOS next month.


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