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The suggestion about LNBs is a good one, but this still raises some problems if used with UBC. There is a published tariff for multiple UBC receivers (which their agent then installs) but this is expensive. In the conventional set-up each receiver needs its own smart card. Without the card problem it would not be so expensive to drive three TVs because many types of fairly inexpensive box have or will accept the required type of Irdeto 2 conditional access module (CAM) for UBC. The solution used by some is to buy a 'card splitter' (the cheaper ones are 2-way and 4-way), which will read your official card and distribute the required 'talk back' to dummy cards in each receiver. This won't work with overseas systems like NDS but is okay with Irdeto 2. Card splitters are sold by some of the main Thai dealers. If this is too complicated, some people do one of the following (a) purchase a cheap smartcard for the basic Thai channels for one receiver and use the full UBC card for premium channels on another TV (b ) supplement the UBC system with a C band system for the FTA Thai channels and use the two systems to feed separate TV sets.

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Ok on the LNB Question you can get a Universal Ku and C Band LNB. Its operated with a Diseq, and the Cband has the Low Voltage with the KU the High voltage. You can manually tell the box whick Diseq to choose.

Using a properly set up Diseq, you can control multiple LNB's or even the dish (Its very slow though) here is a linky to show a 2 box setup. You can normally get a box that has 4 positions, so if you don't like a steer dish then you can have multiple dishes operating frm a diseq switch.

Getting back to Pas 8, I recently played with my dish and was also able to get Pas 2. I got a 45% signal with 30% signal quality. Problem was I lost Pas 7 which has some interesting channels.

If you have a Fixed Dish for Pas 8, you will need to do some preparation. First you will need to set up a New Sat in Sat Edit. Then you will need to add a good number of these TP frequencies that you can find here If You don't understand this web page then DO NOT play with your box, pay the local Sat guy about 1000 Baht and he will do it all for you. If you do understand that page, then release the retaining bolt holding the vertical pisition on the dish until it is nearly horisontal. Turn your box on and then select TP 6 or 3829 H then carefully tighten the bolt until your dish rises from Horizontal and eventually after some hard turning, you will get PAS 8. You will see the Signal Strength then quality rise until you get a sufficient signal.

Personally its too much like hard work for 1000 Baht, and the local dealer will do it all.

Good Luck

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