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#1 tgeezer


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Posted 2009-01-27 08:57:07

คำอุทานเสริมบทเป็นเอกลักษณ์ของภาษาไทย ช่วยทำให้การพูดหรือการเขียนสะละสลวย

I have glossed over the lessons on this subject because of a lack of vocabulary but in the light of the quote above and since it is in the last book realize that I should not have. Thai speakers are familiar with them. sometimes the meaning is modified but as can be seen above they are to make the language more euphonic. มาย in มากมาย was probably one, now in the dictionary มือไม้ is another but not in the dictionary, so when is it used, and does it mean more than มือ on its own?

These are tricky blighters, they can come in the middle วัดวาอาราม สัมสูกลูกไม้ ถ้วยโถโอชาม where they ryme in some way, or they can come at before or after when they mimic the original word/s หนังสือหนังหา กระดูกกระเดี้ยว ลืมหูลืมตา หยูกยา
I copied all this out of my book, I don't know what any of these mean or how they might be used in spite of reading the text which comes with them. Has anyone got any info. advice or is it a question of going back and revising.

#2 Jay_Jay


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Posted 2009-01-27 09:38:46

You have to be careful with them too!
A friend of mine is a Malaysian Indian that's lived here for most of his life. One day when facilitating a training programme in Thai, he left the class in hysterics by saying "ไม่มีปัญ ห+อี ปัญหาอะไรเลย"... There are some modifying combinations that just shouldn't be used! :o

I'm actually doing a video clip on this topic at the moment along with Onomatopoeia in Thai and other languages in the region.

Using them adds flavour to a sentence..

Here it defuses the focus... could mean trees, assorted plants and stuff like that rather than just trees. It is a bit vague though.

#3 tgeezer


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Posted 2009-01-27 15:20:52

I think that Onomatopoeia are also in this group as far as I know eg. ปั้ง! โครม! เอี๊ยด! bang, rumble, screech, but I am not too worried about them because they have a (!) so easy to see.

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