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Urgent Request - Extending 2xentry Visa At Bkk Immigration After 60 Days On An Expiting Passport (2 Months Left)

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Posted 2009-07-27 15:00:57


I really need some advice on this problem quickly if possible.

I have a Double Entry Tourist VISA which i need to go to Immigration in BKK to get stamped to open up the next 30 days (paying my 1900B).

However, i am aware that you can't enter the Kingdom of Thailand on a passport with less than 6 months validity on it. Does anyone know if this applies when I go to immigration also? Will they turn me away and refuse my extension if I only have 2 months left on my passport?

Of course i am in the process of renewing at the UK embassy, but it takes up to 10 working days and this will clock up the overstay - it is all money.

What will happen if they refuse my stamp?

If i just go to get a new passport and forget about extending my VISA then what will happen when i end up with a blank passport in BKK when i go to do a border run? Do i need to transfer my expired VISA into my new passport?

If anyone can help me with this, it would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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#2 lopburi3


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Posted 2009-07-27 15:18:00

They will extend up to the validity of the passport. So no problem.

#3 Lite Beer

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Posted 2009-07-27 15:24:09

When you get your new passport you have to go to Immigration to get your permission to stay transferred over. They will not transfer the Visa so you will have to travel with two passports when you use your second entry.




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Posted 2009-07-27 16:04:29


Thanks for your prompt reply. Good news so far, but i am still a little concerned. I found this on the Thai-VISA website, it is dated 2006, so it might have changed - i don't know, but it does read as though even if i want to get an extension at immigration then they could refuse me. Tell me what you think.

Saturday, 30 December 2006
Renew passport

A passport must be valid at least 6 months in order to travel

If your passport expire within 6 months, you can not travel on your passport or apply for visas or visa extensions.

If you need to extend your passport or exchange for a new passport, contact your Embassy or Consulate in Thailand.

Note: After you have the new passport, the entry visa and TM-card must be transferred from the old passport to the new passport by Immigration Bureau.

#5 Mario2008


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Posted 2009-07-27 16:20:48

Immigration will extend your permission to stay and I don't think you will have any problems. Only when you leave Thailand and want to retrun will you have problems. The look at how long your passport is valid when entering Thailand, not when you extend.

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