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Dual Citizenship

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#1 mynot



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Posted 2005-04-09 19:27:41

Does Thailand allow my thai wife to hold dual citizenship. I know that my country allows it, but I am not sure about Thailands law.
If Thai law does not permit it, then she will not renounce her Thai citizenship. Any help will be appreciated before we start all the paper work.

#2 Smokin Joe

Smokin Joe

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Posted 2005-04-09 21:40:04

I know it's OK to Have dual US and Thai and believe that Austrailia, England, Germany the same but someone from "My country" might provide specific info for there. GF has sister with German/Thai and I know some with US/Thai.

#3 lopburi3


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Posted 2005-04-09 21:51:31

There is nothing to prevent dual citizenship in Thai law so it should not be a problem. Many Thai hold passports of more than Thailand.

#4 bkk_mike


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Posted 2005-04-11 19:58:17

But careful who you talk to in Thailand.

Thailand's rules are a bit vague. There is no law disallowing dual nationality for a Thai, but similarly there is no law specifically stating that dual nationality is allowed. For some people (especially in immigration), they seem to think that Thailand doesn't allow dual nationality. The MFA (who populate the consular sections at Thai embassies) are generally more up to date on the actual legalities.

However, Thailand's constitution states that nobody has the right to take away your wife's Thai nationality. Primarily because it caused big problems in the past when people lost their nationality (i.e. Tiger Woods mother)

The only way she can lose Thai nationality nowadays is by giving it up voluntarily, and the only reason for doing that is usually because her other nationality is one that doesn't allow adults to hold dual nationality. (i.e. Belgium, Denmark, etc.).

#5 alex100


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Posted 2005-04-12 00:27:05

If she keeps her ID card up to date no one is to know

#6 dubstar


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Posted 2005-04-12 03:37:29

Check out the discussion in this forum entitled Thais entering Thailand on Foreign Passports for some very useful information.

My wife holds dual nationality and we will be travelling to Thailand next week on our British passports. My wife will get a 30 day visa on entry.

There are many alarmists out there but using a foreign passport is no problem for a short stay.


#7 samran


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Posted 2005-04-12 04:14:03

I have dual Thai-Australian nationality and come and go from Thailand all the time on my Thai passport. It is totally legal. Do a search under my name on this topic as I have answered questions related to this topic many times.

#8 Rinrada


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Posted 2005-04-12 04:36:39

Thai immigration can only really SEE Thai national passports.
They are the only ones that for them really exist.

With regards duel Nationality we have all checked it out again and again (TV threads plus others) and the conclusion as far as the LOS Government is concerned is No conclusion....its not YES...and its not NO...you will never get an answer.....TIT...So...

K.W.leaves London on her UK/EU PP. and enters Bangers on the Thai..no problem so all the time that she is "home"she is Thai.
Leaves on Thai N.PP and goes back to London on UK and is a UK subject again......thats it.

When travelling to AUS-US-Europe-Japan and hopefully China next year bypassing LOS we will leave the T.PP at home since it aint really much good for any where else.

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