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Yamaha Dealer In Pattaya

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#1 tomster


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Posted 2010-03-27 21:23:16

Hi All,

I want to buy my girlfriend a motorbike to get around on, I'm tired of being a taxi when she wants to get her hair done...

She seems pretty keen on a Yamaha Nouvo, but I quite like the look of the retro style Fino.

She's a bit on the small side so the Fino seems the obvious choice, but I know nothing about motorbikes and any advice on the more suitable machine would be appreciated.

I need to put the payment on a credit card so could also do with knowing where the main dealer is in Pattaya. And any info on insurance options would also be handy...

Many thanks,


#2 farangpattaya


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Posted 2010-03-28 09:53:48

Try Mittyon on the intersection South Pattaya Road and 3rd Road. (oppodsite Tony's Food Court)
They have most brands on display.
Insurance and tax will be taken care of and buy an insurance in case of theft (THB 500 extra for 2 years).

There is also the Honda Scoopy; similar to the Yamaha Fino and maybe even cheaper.

If you would like to pay by cc, bring your passport and they will charge approx. 3 % extra

#3 whatchamacallit


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Posted 2010-03-28 10:56:34

Try the newly opened WATCHARA (Yamaha) Complex (Spelling??) - can't miss it: at the T Junction of Thepprasit and Sukhumvit (on the South East Corner). They suppose to showcase jetskis and boats... but each time I go there - more and more motorcycles :-)

#4 just_another_guy


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Posted 2010-03-28 15:25:12


2 suggestions:

1. Why not let her test (demo) ride all the different models so she can decide which one she will be happy with? I am guessing but I think there are at least 10 different models to chose from with the different companies.

2. I assume (which is dangerous to do in this forum) that you are not buying it outright but are in fact putting the purchase on monthly payments ??????. :D

I am sure someone here will explain why it is better to make payments on a G/F's motorbike as opposed to buying it outright. :)

Good Luck.

#5 LennyW


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Posted 2010-03-28 15:43:52

You dont want to buy a house for her too while you are at it do ya?? :)

#6 tomster


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Posted 2010-03-28 17:40:18

^ Not really, no.

Bike stays in my name - house is a different animal... ;-)

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