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Good Quality Pet Shop In Bangkok

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#1 Paul36


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Posted 2010-10-11 10:20:37

Here in Pattaya all the pet shops basically sell the same "crap" if I might call it like that. I got one of those roller leashes but it was broke after 2 weeks, still using it though but they have nothing else. Also nothing decent for the dog to lay in locally.

So does anyone know a good pet shop in Bangkok that sells some quality goods? What I need the most is a good short leash preferably leather. I can't find a short non roller leashes here at all and the rollers are worthless.



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Posted 2010-10-11 10:41:38

I would recommend coming to Bangkok on the weekend and go to the Chatuchak weekend market as they have anything you want there for sure. They have a huge area just for pets and pet supplies.

Would not by a pet from there but the pet supplies is good and of large volume.

Hope this helps.


#3 tod-daniels



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Posted 2010-10-11 10:42:45

There are quite a number of pretty good pet shops up near Jatujak.

If you take the MRT (subway) to the Kampaeng Phet exit and go out on the exit labeled "Farmers Co-op". Behind the GIANT Farmers Co-op fresh market there is a soi filled with pet shops.

They sell all manner of pet supplies, pet foods, medications, grooming stuff and pet accessories etc. While I didn't specifically see leather leads up there this weekend, they do have various lengths of nylon ones.

The big chain Manoon's is up there too. Most have free delivery if you make a minimum purchase as well.

#4 Mirkwood


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Posted 2010-10-11 20:58:00

Chatuchak does have just about everything for your dog.

It can be a dodgy business buying a pet from there. Sometimes you get lucky. Out of the blue you will just see a great animal. Where they come from or how they got there I can't tell you. Stolen? Maybe but on the odd occasion I've seen some cracking dogs for sale. They normally sell instantly which is the best thing for the dogs. Most of the sick ones that come from Chatuchak have been there a few days and either contracted illness through other dogs or people who touch every dog in the market.

We bought 2 dogs from here. One was in bad shape. Took her straight to the Vets and got her sorted. Loads of baht later and shes fine. 100% would have died unless somebody gave her loads of TLC and spent baht.

Dog number 2 is fantastic. Belgian Malinois (looks like German Shepherd). God knows where she came from but took her straight to the vets again.
Nothing wrong at all. Turned into the most beautiful dog I've ever owned. You just have to be very careful there, take time looking and be prepared to fork out money.

As a rule of thumb treble the initial cost of the dog. Don't be sad if your puppy dies. You tried. That's the Chatuchak way I'm afraid.

#5 mangotogo


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Posted 2010-10-12 07:32:46

There is also a large dogshow with loads of pet accessories sellers coming to Impact Muangthongtani this month October 21-24.
International dogshow with 8 judges, dogs from other countries come to this big event.
Some pets for sale there too by different kennels and dog farms...again asking the exibitors would lead to finding hopefully healthier and sounder pets.
Lots of activities for children to watch too.
See you there.

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